5 sitting tips for beginners

Would you like to get your stomach in shape? Next, crunches should be a regular part of your training regimen, as they engage and strengthen the rectus abdominis, piriformis muscle, and hip flexors. You don’t need any heavy equipment to do sit-ups, just your own body weight and a soft floor surface.

Is that how it works: During the exercise, you lie on your back with your legs hip-width apart. You can gently fold your hands behind your neck with your elbows pointing out. Now lift her upper body up, hold her briefly, and then lower her back down again. To do this, you primarily need the muscular strength of the abdominal muscles and buttocks.

Even if the exercise sounds easy, beginners in particular can make some mistakes at first. Therefore, the following tips can help:

Abdominals for beginners: 5 tips

1. No boost

One of the most popular beginner mistakes is swinging your upper body. The abdominal muscles are hardly stressed and the training effect is nil. Therefore, you should always use your core strength to lift your upper body. Beginners should do fewer reps at first, but then get it right.

2. Do not bring your head close to your chest

Especially after a few repetitions and when a burning sensation can already be felt in the abdominal muscles, the head posture can quickly become incorrect. To compensate for the lack of strength, beginners unconsciously pull their chin toward their chest. However, this puts too much pressure on the neck and causes strain. So it’s good to remember: there should always be room for a clenched fist between the chin and the sternum.

3. Don’t fall into a hollow back

Another important tip on how to perform the exercise correctly is this: don’t arch your back on the way down. This stretches your back muscles, which can lead to serious injury. To avoid this, you need to squeeze your stomach and buttocks well.

4. Slow movements

Crunches are a tension exercise that is not about speed. Do the movement slowly. Don’t let your upper body drop back onto the mat, but lower yourself back down slowly and in a controlled manner. This controlled return to the starting position is called an eccentric contraction. Such slow, eccentric movements can double your training success.

5. Mini abs count too

If you can’t do a full squat, you can easily try small variations. Lie on your back and bend your knees. Extend your arms out to the sides along your torso. Slightly raise your upper body and try to touch your heels with your fingers. Even these mini crunches will make your abs work.


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