75 Hard Program: The 6 Rules of Fitness Challenge

The so-called “Hard 75 Program” became viral on social networks: it consists of 6 strict rules that participants must follow for weeks and lead to a successful life.

Even more muscular, even leaner, even better trained! On social media, challenges are an integral part of fitness and enhancement culture, and it’s mostly about appearance. With the new trend under “#75Hard”, this only appears to be the case at first glance. According to inventor Andy Frisella, it’s mostly about something else entirely. The focus here is not on muscular strength, but on mental strength. It is said that anyone who survives 75 days has learned important skills and thus can successfully master everything in life.

What is the Hard 75 Program?

In recent years, the 75 Hard program has gained popularity as a combined plan for fitness, nutrition, discipline, and general self-improvement. The challenge was created by Andy Frisella, an American podcaster and motivational coach. If you’re a social media regular, you may have come across one of the before and after photos of someone who completed the 75 Hard program. The first thing that usually draws attention is that the protagonists have clearly lost body fat and gained muscle.

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But that’s not what this trend is about, for a change. At least not superficially. Because Frisella describes the challenge as much more than a “mental conditioning program” that involves stepping out of your comfort zone for 75 days. The fact that this also has a positive effect on weight and figure is a welcome side effect.

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Train self-discipline with the “75 Hard Program”

Headlines on the 75 Hard information page include statements like “Think of this like an Ironman for your brain” or “How to take full control of your life in just 75 days.” But what exactly are the tasks of the “75 Hard Program”? It is about training skills such as determination, self-esteem, confidence, tenacity and discipline, skills that are required for any kind of success in life.

The 6 Rules of the “75 Hard Program”

The Hard 75 Schedule has five daily tasks (plus one rule of thumb!) that you need to do consistently throughout the 75 days:

  1. Meal plan (tailored to personal goals): non-alcoholic meals and cheats
  2. two 45-minute workouts per day, one of which must be outdoors
  3. Drink 3.7 liters of water throughout the day.
  4. read 10 pages of an educational, nonfiction, or advice book every day
  5. daily documentation of progress with a photo

The sixth rule is hard: if you can’t complete these five tasks in one day, you have to start the whole challenge from the beginning!

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The self-test became a viral success

Frisella experienced for herself that the rules can change a lot, both visually and mentally. Because when the motivational coach saw how people around him were starting and stopping fitness programs, the 37-year-old simply wrote the rules himself. And the success speaks for itself: on TikTok he first posted his own tremendous transformation and inspired the entire web. There are over 970,000 posts with the #75Hard hashtag on Instagram alone. The internet is full of videos with people documenting their everyday lives and success stories.

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It is doubtful that everyone has made it to the end, because the rules are really harsh! In addition, 90 minutes of sports a day is immediately too much for beginners in sports and therefore not suitable for everyone. The fact that progress needs to be documented with a full-length photo shows that it’s all about optimizing appearance in the end. However, it is always advisable to leave the comfort zone to check and, if necessary, optimize the status quo, physically and mentally, without pursuing false ideals.

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