8 tips for more fitness and happiness

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Working from home sounds very attractive to many, and the same to me: you can save money because you no longer have to use public transport or the car. You’re better off using the extra time for your favorite activities, like sleeping: the drive to work doesn’t force you to get up early and make the trek to Mount Doom. The place of action is now your hobbit cave. It all sounds great, but at first I did a lot of things wrong and drastically underestimated them.

Sandra Razzkowski

Sandra has been squatting in her hobbit cave for two years and over time has changed everything to make working from home more comfortable for the future. Understanding the best way to develop a workflow when no one is looking is challenging. From being curled up in a blanket, sitting eight hours a day, to being more active at work, getting fresh air, and being more focused – pajamas are debatable.

Especially when it comes back to the need to work from home, it’s more important to know how you can stay fit at home. Tip: There is also a home office flat rate, which you should definitely use for your next tax return!

The home office problem…

Of course, many negative things are removed and there are no daily nervous breakdowns because the train does not work again; without a doubt, the advantages are tempting. However, you can only benefit 100% from this if you eliminate potential problem areas early on.

The movement is gone

Especially if you’re a passionate gamer with a 40-hour week and then add another three or four hours (or more) of gaming sessions to finish off the day, your body needs variety. So why is sitting for long periods of time so unhealthy? Very easily: Sitting for long periods of time carries risksthat are taken lightly and have great consequences later.

These complaints can occur if there is very little movement in the home office:

  • Reduced concentration and fatigue
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • Metabolic diseases such as diabetes.
  • tension in the intervertebral discs
  • Impaired blood circulation.
  • depressions

Source: https:www.aeris.deblogsmagazindach-studie-homeoffice-ausutacht-bei-zwei-von-three-arbeitern-gesundheitliche-problemen

Source: https://www.aeris.de/blogs/magazin/dach-studie-homeoffice-verursacht-bei-zwei-von-three-arbeitern-gesundheitliche-problemen

Communication and sense of community suffer

No little gossip, how was it yesterday, did you survive the LAN party over the weekend, and no spontaneous Nerf gun battles – social interaction suffers. Conference calls are impersonal and face-to-face makes it easy to develop a more or less close relationship with your colleagues or even develop real friendships. This is difficult simply through remote work, but not impossible!

But the most important: Common hours of rest. Not everyone spends the break with their colleagues, but having the opportunity is worth something. Or they sit in the canteen or cafeteria and chat and cultivate social contacts.

It is not a job with the best conditions.

Very few of you probably have a reasonably furnished workplace. In the office you get everything from your employer: computer, desk or peripherals. You work in an obvious office with your colleagues or have a room to yourself. It probably looks different in your four walls: the separation between private life and work is more difficult because you have the office with you at all times.

Ergonomics is an important keyword. And you can read about what to watch out for in our buying advice on ergonomic work:

Our home office buying guide to ergonomic office chairs, mice, keyboards and more


More about the subject

Our home office buying guide to ergonomic office chairs, mice, keyboards and more

This is how you build movement in your home office

If you sit on your four letters eight hours a week, you should definitely do something for your fitness at the same time, regardless of whether you work from home or not. Here are our tips to help you stay fit in the home office and counteract toxic sitting.

Workouts, stretching and yoga

To avoid long-term desk strain, it pays to incorporate physical exercises into your daily work. Whether you hit the gym in the morning, roll out your yoga mat, use online programs and apps like Freeletics, or do Wii Sports workouts, it’s entirely up to you. It is important to integrate specific exercises and movements, such as circles with the head, arms or hands, into the workflow. Consequently, lunchtime can be used well to go running. Practically: training sessions in between It not only strengthens the muscles, but also helps against stress.

Even if it’s just a short walk with the dog: Exercise is good for you and makes up for regular travel, which can strengthen your circulation. Neighbors who keep ordering packages but are never there, so the vendors ring the bell, also support small movements.

Active standing with balance boards

Active standing with balance boards

If you’re a fan of little gadgets that brighten your day, you should too. balance boards objective. These serve to strengthen the back muscles and support the active position; they are also available from €30. inflatable exercise balls They are also good for strengthening muscles. If you’re still a bit rude, then do exercise bike and run your miles while you work.

Good to know: An hour and a half of moderate-intensity activity per week can reduce your risk of developing cancer by up to 30%. Movement is your benefit for metabolism, immune system, joints, muscles and bones – your future self will be happy.

dynamic sitting

This goes according to different rules like that 40-15-5 rule: Sit 40 minutes, stand 15 minutes, move 5 minutes. But if, like me, you really have no idea when to change your sitting position, I can offer you a smartwatch or fitness tracker like the FitbitCharge 4. To the heart. These remind you every hour to get up, get some exercise, and better yet, remind you to take steps to reach your daily goal (usually 8,000 to 10,000 steps).

Information: The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recommends changing positions two to four times an hour.

take proper breaks

Do not return to work earlier than necessary, it is important to take advantage of break times. As tempting as it may be to do laundry at home, shoot some series on Netflix, tidy up, or go to bed: If you really want to watch Netflix or VOD from your favorite streamers, combine it with some exercise. But best of all: go outside. Fresh air is good for your body because it keeps you focused.

take your time to eat

E-books and podcasts help you make the perfect quick meal

E-books and podcasts help you make the perfect quick meal

Frozen pizza is fast. But it is not particularly nutritious. Ordering something through the Lieferando app or other delivery services is quick and easy, but it’s not healthy if you eat fatty, sugary, or highly processed junk food. It can decrease work motivation over time.

The best alternative: try cooking yourself. And if the break is not enough for you: prepare something the day before. Eating healthy promotes performance and mood, gives the body the nutrients it needs, and therefore increases self-motivation. There are also plenty of quick and healthy dishes that you can prepare. On Amazon, for example, you will find many cookbooks and e-books ranging from mixed nutrition to vegan. You know what it contains, you also move while cooking and just as important: Enjoy it! Don’t swallow it all because you’re pressed for time..

Underrated but incredibly important: drink enough. And no, I’m not talking about five cups of coffee a day. The DGE (German Nutrition Society) recommends that every adult drink at least 2.5 liters of fluid. One liter is usually ingested through food. So at least an additional 1.5 liters are still missing. Easier for one than the other. Smart drinking bottles that discreetly remind you to drink a few milliliters every hour can be interesting.

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