A fit body in the heat is important: Welzheim’s fitness coaches give advice – Welzheim

“Pain is just a happy feeling that hurts a bit,” jokes Rüdiger Gamm, one of the many trainers at the Clever-Fit gym in Welzheim, who make individual care possible. Some members report that it is often a long way to take the first step: from the first considerations to do something more for your health, well-being and appearance to trial training in the spacious 800+ square meter Welzheim studio. With this report, the ZVW wants to make a contribution to how this first step can be, representative of many areas of fitness, and to encourage all those who are still hesitating.

“With us, you first get a little tour in a familiar and friendly environment,” reveals Benjamin Wolff, studio manager at Clever-Fit. “A visit is about you and your interests, so at the beginning we go over the most important information that is relevant to your training,” explains the sports specialist.

After you’ve changed into your workout clothes in the locker room, you can start warming up. According to Wolff, ten minutes of gentle cardio training for the cardiovascular system is completely sufficient at first. Then you go to the team and do circuit training. This means that the user knows exactly “when to start and when to stop” thanks to easily implementable devices that include a traffic light system consisting of a column of light in the middle of the device.

Recovery after training is important

In this way, the first training session can be implemented quickly and easily. Depending on your needs, after the circuit instruction, which by the way uses the whole body, such as the leg muscles and upper body, you can move on to the functional area. Here you can improve both coordination on a balance board and mobilization, for example with resistance bands.

“If it’s still not enough for you,” Wolff reveals with a wink, “there’s still a little session on our Power Plates.” The studio is well attended during training, but there is enough space and you will be pleasantly surprised by the facilities and the quiet.

Clever-Fit is a true place to stay and regenerate. “Of course, regeneration is important after training,” says Wolff. In addition to the clean changing area and the shower with a feel-good factor, there is also a massage bed. By the way, when training in the Welzheim studio, the wet zone is included in the contract, as is the free drink bar in the middle of the studio. “By the way, all generations train with us and everyone is also very welcome,” invites Benjamin Wolff again.

If you feel like trying your hand at health, strength and fitness, you are always welcome in the Welzheim studio. Trainer Rüdiger Gamm insists on adding one of his many anecdotes at the end and himself smiles mischievously: “The secret of the bench press is to push the weight until it’s up…” Well, to your health: The first step It could have already been taken today.


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