According to experts, these two fitness exercises are enough to keep fit

Do you have a specific set of equipment in the gym or do you try to mix and match different exercises at home to train your whole body? According to experts, this is completely unnecessary. who keeping fit want, you supposedly only have to rely on 2 exercises.

Stay fit with 2 exercises, is that possible?

If you want to stay in shape, you have to move

Exercise is important to keep your body fit and stay healthy. Studies have shown that exercise can prevent cardiovascular disease. other than that Exercise strengthens our immune system and reduces the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and arteriosclerosis. Physical activity can even increase life expectancy.

Nope Last but not least, sport has been shown to reduce stress. and let the feelings of happiness bubble up in us. Fitness is also beneficial for our mental well-being.

Exercise keeps us mentally fit

Sport also affects mental health positive impact. According to studies, exercise can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases.

In addition, sport must be ours increase mental performance. On the one hand, this is because our brain has better blood circulation, is supplied with nutrients and is flooded with oxygen. On the other hand, the brain benefits from new learning impulses and thus stays young.

tired woman sport
The inner bastard often prevents us from training. Photo: imago images/Westend61

No time – no sport

Despite the health benefits, most people don’t get enough exercise. Instead of a gym, the sofa draws you in, instead of a walk, there is enough time to buy groceries. But not only that inner bastard It prevents us from being in shape.

A common reason is also lack of time. By the time you’ve fulfilled all your obligations, the day is almost over. Attend hours of sports courses or drive forever to the gym? There is no desire or time for this.

It’s good that the experts discovered that it is not much time or effort you need to stay in shape. Because that can be done with 2 simple exercises.

What sport is the best?

In general, it doesn’t matter how we stay fit, whether it’s jogging, cycling, or aerobics. However, if you want to stay healthy for the long term, you should relies primarily on a combination of cardio and strength training.

Physician and researcher Michael Joyner is one of them. the world’s leading experts in fitness and human performance. opposite to Business Insider advocates a combination of resistance and strength training, but goes one step further. According to him, it only takes two exercises to stay fit for life: burpees and jump rope.

Burpees in particular are ideal because they train the entire body.. Joyner says, “On hard days, I sometimes alternate between one-minute burpees and sets on a weighted jump rope.”

With these 2 exercises you can stay fit and flexible

The best of these two exercises? You can do it all year round, both outdoors and indoors. You should keep in mind that:

1. Burpees

Do this exercise slowly at first to master the technique correctly and prevent injury. This is how you do it:

Squat down on the floor, place your palms on the floor and now jump back with both legs so that you are in a stretched push-up (plank) position. He jumps back into a crouch and from there, flows into the jump straight up. Increase repetitions regularly to constantly stimulate your muscles for improvements.

Keep reading: Find out here which mistakes you should definitely avoid when doing burpees.

jump rope run step jogging jump rope sport
You can keep fit by jumping rope. Photo: Charlie Nucci/Getty Images/Charlie Nucci

2. Jump rope

If you want to add strength training to your rope cardio workout, Joyner recommends choosing a weighted rope. You must jump for at least 30 benefit from the positive effects.

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How long do you have to hold planks?

Conclusion: staying in shape does not require effort

Burpees and jump rope: These two exercises should not be overlooked in your training plan from now on if you want to stay fit for a long time! But remember to listen to your body and build enough regeneration during sport!

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