Age slower: According to research, a small habit is a prerequisite

We all want to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible. Around grow old slowly, we do all kinds of things: we slather cream on our faces, drink green smoothies, and torture ourselves while working out. According to research, even a small habit in everyday life can help slow down aging. We tell you which ones.

This is what you should do to age slowly

Aging Slowly: How a Certain Habit Keeps You Young

It may sound trite, but it’s scientifically proven: climbing stairs can help slow down aging. Everyone has probably heard the advice. I prefer to use the stairs than the elevator.. This trick aims to integrate more movement into everyday life. But climbing stairs has even more advantages, which we would like to introduce to you below.

1. Your condition will improve and your heart will become stronger

Climbing stairs is not just a habit that slows you down, it is excellent Training for your cardiovascular system. One study found that climbing stairs three times a day improves cardiovascular fitness and makes you faster.

You will have already noticed that your heart will start beating on the 3rd floor at the latest. this will be yours Fitness trained and your heart strengthened. The more you climb stairs, the better your stamina will be. You will notice that when you reach the top, your heartbeat will slow down more quickly.

2. You improve your caloric balance

If you get into the habit of taking the stairs instead of the elevator, you will not only age more slowly, but also burn more calories. Even if this may be just a few spread throughout the day: In general, climbing stairs has an effect on calorie balance and keeps you slim.

This tip is often recommended for more fitness in everyday life carry. Above all, it should help people who do not have time for “normal” sports. But each of us can benefit from it, regardless of whether he plays additional sports or not.

woman stairs
Say goodbye to the elevator. If you take the stairs every day, you skip the gym. Photo: Getty Images/ Maskot / Getty Images/ Maskot

3. You stay flexible

Climbing stairs uses your ankle, knee, and hip joints, making it the perfect mobility exercise! In everyday life we ​​often forget how important regular mobilization of our joints is. This promotes blood circulation and enhanced mobility.

This can be useful later. Because agility is one of the keys to independence in old age. That found that National Institute on Aging out in a studio.

4. Improve your bone density and train your muscles

Climbing stairs can even prevent diseases such as osteoporosis, that is, bone loss. How does it work? When you go up, you work against gravitythat trains your bones.

Osteoporosis is one of the most common diseases in old age and mainly affects women with the appearance of menopause. This is because estrogen levels, which affect bone density, decline with age. Climbing stairs can counteract bone loss.

5. You build strength and maintain balance

You will notice after a few steps that your muscles tighten when climbing stairs. In fact, it is a great exercise for yours. thighs and lower legs, as well as the lower.

Regular muscle training is one of the prerequisites for aging more slowly. After the older we get, the more muscle mass the body loses. This starts as soon as your 30th birthday. Studies have shown that people lose up to 40 percent of their muscle mass by the age of 80 if they don’t exercise.

Conclusion: a small habit with a big effect

Skipping the elevator and taking the stairs instead is a small change in your daily routine, but it can make a big difference. If you level up regularly, you will age more slowly. At first, you may need to remind yourself a few more times that the stairs are yours. Training device for a long life it is. Eventually, though, it will become a habit that you’ll be thankful for one day.

Short four-second workout

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