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Arnold Schwarzenegger has turned 75 years old. He was already inspiring bodybuilders in the 1970s, also in Hamburg. Our reporter visited the Olympic gym in St. George. “Arnie” was one of the first idols of the boss of him.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in August 1986 above the Hamburg Cathedral at a press event for the theatrical release of

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by Daniel Kaiser

Iron is still bent here in a really honest way. At the Olympic am Steindamm, the dinosaur among Hamburg gyms. One wouldn’t be surprised if the young Schwarzenegger went straight into training.

Movie “Mr. Universe”: revolutionary muscular look

Claus Maibaum, owner of the Olympic Fitness Studio in Hamburg, lifts two dumbbells.  © NDR Photo: Johannes Huhmann

Claus Maibaum in his Olympic gym in Hamburg-St. Jorge

Olympic CEO Claus Maibaum, now 65, was quite wiry when he was young, a martial arts guy. But one day he was at the movies and saw “Mr. Universum,” a 1976 independent film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his earliest film roles. “Somehow I had the feeling that I should wear something like this,” says Maibaum.

This look with the XXL biceps and the other muscle groups that mere mortals had no idea existed was new, exotic, revolutionary. And “Arnie” was the poster boy for the new movement, Maibaum recalls: “It wasn’t that popular back then. It was a fringe group. I remember when I started with it, people would ask me if I was a narcissist, why am I the What am I doing? Today it has become socially acceptable.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger – idol of many bodybuilders

Inside the Olympic Fitness Studio in Hamburg: Photos of bodybuilders can be seen on the walls.  © NDR Photo: Johannes Huhmann

Hall of Fame in the Olympic Games: Claus Maibaum is immortalized on the left in the image above.

Schwarzenegger became the idol of many bodybuilders. Photos of him were also hung in Hamburg’s hot spots as an incentive. Like icons in a church. “There were often a few hanging out at the studios where he trained,” recalls Maibaum. “Of course it doesn’t go unnoticed. At that time there were more fitness magazines. Arnold was always there.”

There’s no picture of “Arnie” at the Olympic. That is not necessary. The whole studio is like a family album of muscular men and muscular women. There are also photos of Hamburger Schwarzenegger Claus Maibaum in action. In fact, with his muscles in those poses, he could pass for a Schwarzenegger stunt double.

Olympic boss Claus Maibaum: “How do I look?”

Maibaum has never bothered with fads like the trend of measuring your body fat percentage and other scientific phenomena. “I’ve never measured it, I’ve never been interested in it either,” says Maibaum. “When I got naked and it looked good, then I knew: the thing works. Nowadays people run around Wallachia with fat pliers and try to measure the fat. I was only interested: How do I look? And then I edited myself accordingly” .

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American actress Sally Field and Austrian bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger on April 20, 1976 during the shooting of the film.

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Born on July 30, 1947, the Austrian became Mister Universum, then an actor, then Governor of California. 15 minutes

Today, Schwarzenegger goes by his first name with Greta Thunberg, skirmishes with Donald Trump himself as a Republican, his wartime messages to the Russian people get millions of clicks. But it all started with a dumbbell and a bicep.

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