As a healthy snack, nuts not only provide protein

When the appetite kicks in soon after working out at the gym, the time between meals can seem like a long time. A snack is often used to satisfy a sudden feeling of hunger. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a snack. With these 5 simple tricks, you can escape the snack trap – why not pass the tips directly to your members?

Pistachios are a healthy snack alternative for athletes.

High temperatures and ultraviolet radiation put our Body in the previous summer special challenges: Many athletes feel a lack of energy or fear for Sun and heat negative impact on your health. What is the best way to prepare for these difficulties and what role does diet play in this?

Nutritious snacks instead of sweets

for one healthy nutrition makes a big difference if a nutrient-dense snack like pistachios is eaten, or a chocolate bar with a lot of sugar (Keep reading: ‘Power nut for fitness cooking’)

Blood sugar levels: high, normal, optimal

Because sweet snacks cause blood sugar levels first shooting up. So fast falls the however then off again. These facts lead to a feeling of cravings and then one unhealthy snacks revamped. Therefore, it is very important to ensure optimal blood sugar levels.

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here comes ours Top five for a healthy snack after this Fitness training in the studio or at daily work, at home or when traveling.

1. High-protein snacks

Because high-protein snacks keep you full longer, they reduce the likelihood of cravings. Within a healthy diet, care must be taken that enough protein in the diet every day (Read more: ‘How much protein?’).

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The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight (relative to reference weight). A handful of American pistachios already included six grams of protein. This makes them a delicious snack that satisfies hunger.

2. Snacks against the craving

To satisfy hunger after training or in between, they are Low glycemic index snacks like pistachios are preferable to any sweet. (Also read: ‘High in protein’)

The glycemic index describes the Effect of carbohydrate-containing foods on blood sugar levels. Low-level foods ensure that sugar molecules enter the blood more slowly. This leads to a more constant blood sugar level and prevents food cravings.

3. Snack alternatives

Each person has his Feeding Habits and he is also capable of himself to acquire new. So, getting your body used to healthier snack alternatives and practicing healthier habits is doing your long-term health a favor.

The simple rule is: replace unhealthy daily snacks with snacks that add value to nutrition substitute. Instead of Snacks as unhealthy and too salty as chips put, the choice should be for example lightly salted pistachios fall.

The crunchy grains satisfy the desire for something salty and also provide important macro and micronutrients. Sweets can also be easily replaced with fruit, which also contains sugar, but also vitamins and minerals delivery

4. Mindfully snack

Since bans rarely help, giving up snacking doesn’t work. Instead you should enjoy selected snacks more consciously. Shelling the pistachios naturally slows down the snacking, making it even easier overall. less snack becomes

Also, it can help snack like a chocolate bar incorporate into a healthy meal, like a homemade muesli. This satisfies cravings, fills you up, and provides additional nutrients.

5. For stress: Yoga instead of chocolate

When stressed, many people tend to eat because it makes them feel better. whom emotional eating you should be aware of this and try deal with these feelings differently.

That could relaxing activities such as drinking tea, going for a walk, meditation or yoga. who does it, his Feeding Habits changing in this direction achieves long-term results a healthier life.

More about the subject: ‘Study: protein digestibility in vegetarian and non-vegetarian athletes’


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