Avoid these 4 mistakes when jogging

jogging is one popular leisure activity among the Germans. More than 20 million men and women in Germany went for a run at least occasionally in 2021. This is the result of a survey by the Allensbach market and advertising media analysis, AWA for short. It is not surprising, after all, sport brings many benefits for your body with you: You train your entire cardiovascular system, strengthen your bones, muscles and joints, optimize the health of your heart, sleep better and stimulate your metabolism. And everything you need for it? Running shoes and the necessary motivation. But even when running, errors lurk. Read here what it could be!

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Sport 2022: Avoid these 4 mistakes when jogging

1. Wrong shoes

The first sin that runs? Jogging without the right shoes, because: Most foot injuries that occur while running are due to the wrong shoes. For example, improper footwear may be responsible for pain along the shinbone (leg splints) or an inflamed tendon plate on the bottom of the foot (plantar fasciitis). So don’t go down to the basement and dig up your 20-year-old sneakers again. Or worse yet: jogging in street shoes.

Advice: Get advice from a specialized trade expert. And get new running shoes regularly. After all, after around 500 to 700 kilometers, even the best running shoes have done their job and should be replaced with a new pair.

2. The sprint to the end

Accelerate in the last meters? It sounds tempting, and it’s quite popular with many brokers. However: the sprint is a real challenge for your body in the end. The muscles groan and the fibers sometimes refuse to cooperate.

Namely: The act of force leads to an increased risk of injury. If you want to do your health a favor, skip the last “gas pedal”. Instead, you should slow down towards the end of your workout: brisk walking, for example, calms your heart rate and slows down the body.

3. Irregular trot

Newcomers to running beware: This bug mainly affects beginners who start running in the first week. But already in the second week, the weaker self is becoming more and more evident in many people. As usual: The key is regularity. Only with consistent training units can you achieve sustainable training success and thus lose weight or improve your condition, for example.

Important: Your daily amount of running should be realistic for you. This is the only way you can sustain training for the long term, and possibly increase it over time. Also pay attention to balance. Basketball, strength training or gymnastics, for example, are suitable adjuncts to daily running training.

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4. You drink very little

Basically, you should drink two to three liters of water a day, with or without exercise. If you also exercise, you should drink even more. Because: If you jog, you have to balance fluid balance. Therefore, in the first hours immediately after running, you should drink enough water or drinks that contain electrolytes. This also benefits your muscles, which receive oxygen and important nutrients from the fluid and thus remain flexible.

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