Avoid these 4 mistakes with gym clothes

You should never wear these 4 pieces of clothing when you exercise

Exercising is good, no doubt about it. Above all, those who find it difficult to pull themselves together should be commended on this point. But even if the wave of motivation reaches us, we must not play blind. Because proper preparation also determines the effectiveness and success of our training. The wrong clothes can have a negative impact on us. We reveal what clothing mistakes you should definitely avoid when doing sports.

1. Everyday sneaker

Sneakers are in fashion like never before. Chunky, sporty models that look like sneakers have also made their way into our everyday fashion. But beware! Just because our shoes look like running shoes doesn’t mean they are.

As a general rule, trendy sneakers are not equipped with the same features as the real sports shoes from the fitness store. But this is important so that our joints are supported when running and jumping and our feet have enough support. So invest in the right pair of athletic shoes for your workout.

2. Normal bras

You save money on expensive sports bras; after all, you already wear one and it’s just underwear after all? It is not a good idea! Everyday bras are often made of lace and other materials that are not suitable for working out because they are not breathable and are too sensitive. In addition, they are often too rigid in their shape: the stable frame with built-in cables does not adapt well enough to our body during quick and jerky movements. In addition, the sports bra holds our breasts much better. It is true that a lot of money is definitely invested in a sports bra!

3. Jewelry

Multiple pierced ears, dainty necklaces that never come off, friendship bracelets and rings that sit firmly on the finger – the trend is to wear a lot of jewelry and rarely, if ever, take it off. For sport, however, you must accept this fact. Because small, hard pieces of metal can not only break, but also pose a great risk of injury during sports. Also, our sweat attacks the material over time and makes the metal lose its shine.

4. Cotton

In fact, cotton is a great natural fabric that actually always works well. However, if you’re planning a longer workout, natural fiber is exceptionally not the best option. Cotton absorbs liquid quickly, which is actually great, but if we sweat a lot during sport and our session lasts more than half an hour, the wet fabric sticks to us a lot. This is not healthy and is not good for the skin. For long, sweaty workouts, it’s best to wear functional clothing that doesn’t soak up liquid and doesn’t get soaked with our sweat.

On the video: correctly wash sports clothes and shoes


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