Ayda Field: “Fitness is a dialogue with the body, not a fight” – wellness tips

How did the sports brand and designs come about?

I could live all day in athletic fashion. Because I myself don’t have much time for frequent moves. However, until now he had not found the fashion that corresponded to this. I became even more aware of this during the pandemic. Robbie looked at me and said “That again?” My Ayda looks now do all of that: I can wear them endlessly, a design that sums up the best. Everyday life, family, Netflix, travel, exercise, the office – I want women to feel beautiful and functionally dressed at all times and build a community around it. All the looks are named after my family. “Gwen” more or less like my mother.

How often do you exercise in daily life?

I listen to my body. I think it’s four to five sessions a week, sometimes three, sometimes none or even six. Preferably in the morning. And when it comes to meditation, it’s about giving your body a certain amount of space.

Musical recommendations to boost energy in sports?

I used to listen to Biggie and Tupac music while doing yoga. I love music, it’s life and my husband makes music. But where there is noise, there must also be a quiet one: all our lives today are intense. That’s why I listen to my breath and what it does to the way I think. Interestingly, when I’m away, I prefer quiet. I want to listen to nature and consciously perceive its sounds and be present in it.

The life of a rock star and yoga: how do they go together?

I never think of two worlds. There is a certain virginity in the wellness segment in terms of imperfection. That doesn’t apply to me. I think it should be allowed to be imperfect here as well. This is important to me in my fitness space. Act with joy and solidarity. Did I have cake for dinner? Good, and we can still enjoy the joy of exercise and wellness together.

How you relax?

Especially when I play sports when I’m alone. And when I meditate or do breathing exercises, which I sometimes see on YouTube. To calm me down at night, I use sprays like Deep Sleep from This Works, which have calming scents, though Robbie isn’t always a fan of them. (laughs)

dr Barbara Sturm: Beauty Favorites and Ayda Sportswear

Dr. Barbara Storm’s “Hyaluronic Serum”


dr barbara storm

Dr Storm Cleanser, cleansing foam

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Dr. Barbara Storm’s “Cleansing Foam”

Dr. barbara storm face cream


dr barbara storm

Sportswear Ayda Field

public relations

Ayda Fucking Fantastic Socks – By Ayda Field

Ayda Field Sports and Fitness Fashion

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Sporty look with functional details by Ayda

Sleep spray This works

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This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Learn more about Ayda Field and her fitness brand help via Instagram.


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