Beginner athletes: This is the effect after the first 4 weeks of training

To be physically fit and noticeably improve your general well-being, you don’t have to train for months. The positive effects can be seen after just four weeks of regular physical training. This was the result of a study as part of a doctoral thesis at the Technical University of Munich on behalf of the management consultancy Greinwalder & Partner.

After 4 weeks of training: less fat, better values

The proud result: after all, the two training sessions per week achieved a one-pound weight loss and a one-percentage-point reduction in body fat. Upper heart rate under stress was reduced by an average of six beats, while resting heart rate and blood pressure values ​​were also significantly improved.

All measured values ​​show that all measured parameters can be significantly improved within a period of 4 weeks. Therefore, the effect of regular training on fitness, health and well-being is as clear as success for anyone who wants to lose weight.

Only 8 training sessions are enough

These results were obtained by examining more than 2,100 subjects at fitness facilities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The influence of regular four-week physical training on body fat, body weight, endurance performance, blood pressure, and subjective well-being was measured.

Test subjects were required to complete at least 8 training units in the gym: cardio training and strengthening of major muscle groups on machines. The average age of the test persons was 45 years (women 43 years, men 47 years). Of these, 16% were smokers (women 18%, men 14%).

The endurance test was performed on a bicycle ergometer with a resistance of 60 and 100 watts. Heart rate was measured before the test at rest, immediately after the 60-watt level, and immediately after the 100-watt level. Subjective well-being was reported by the participant using a scale (1 = extremely good, 10 = extremely poor).

smokers versus non-smokers

Interesting results were found when comparing smokers and non-smokers in terms of body fat and weight. Non-smoking men managed to improve their body fat by 0.9% (from 25% to 24.1%).

Male smokers failed to improve. In women, there were no significant differences in body fat between smokers and non-smokers. Body weight was most noticeable here: smokers could only improve by 0.2 kg, non-smokers by 0.5 kg.


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