Blatant transformation: fitness influencer surprises with before and after photos

From normal man to absolute muscular. Fitness influencer Johannes Lindner aka Joesthetics pulled it off and lets his community get involved.

Frankfurt/Thailand – Your body is your capital. But it took a lot of work to get this far. And a muscular man like Joaesthetic (29) It doesn’t just fall from the sky. On Instagram he now showed the stages of his career.

Today a real mountain of muscles, until a few years ago it was even more

Today, a real mountain of muscles, built “pretty normally” until a few years ago: the career of the fitness influencer Johannes Lindner (29), also known as Joesthetics, has it all. © Montage: Instagram/joesthetics

Recently, Johannes Lindner, that’s the real name of the influencer, who now resides in Thailand, made it clear with an Instagram post the difficulties he had to overcome on the way to his current appearance.

The first photomontage of the multi-part series featured Joesthetics in the locker room of their home gym in Germany.

While on the one hand he already shows off the mountain of muscle he is today with his tongue out and only a towel on, he looked a little different in the same place and a few years earlier.

First Dates: First Dates - When he sees her outfit, he can only laugh out loud.
First date
First dates: when he sees her outfit, he can only laugh out loud

Because the 29-year-old could also have been trained, but not so radically different from all the other gym-goers. Other snapshots showed Johannes at even earlier stages of his transformation process, sometimes even showing a minimal amount of lower abdomen.

But over the years, the native Bavarian has managed to differentiate himself more and more from his competitors in the gym, despite regular setbacks, often due to injuries and operations.

Along with his open and communicative streak, the German fitness influencer achieved true world fame on Instagram.

There are now more than seven million followers on the account of the German, who, in addition to useful training tips, also provides fun information about his everyday life and links them with advertising from various sponsors.

Incidentally, Joesthetics already revealed in 2020 that he did use performance-enhancing drugs in amounts that weren’t always healthy to achieve his physique goals. However, this in no way replaces the hard work you do every day on the iron.

In her caption, she also asked her fans if they would like a video with a lot more “transformation stuff.” So there could be more coming soon…

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