Blood and water: these are the reasons why you are always tired in hot weather

Summer is finally here! But instead of hanging out and spending time with your loved ones, do you really just want a good night’s sleep? You are not alone in this! So are many people constantly tired when the thermometer breaks the 30 degree mark. This makes it difficult for many to get out of bed and makes you feel exhausted throughout the day. At night, when you finally get the chance, you can’t fall asleep despite being exhausted, a real vicious circle! Here you can find out who is to blame for this condition and what you can do to prevent heat exhaustion.

All about tiredness in the heat.

Constant tiredness: these 3 things may be the reason

you are with himconstantly tired of the current heat wave and wondering if there is a connection? We show you three factors that could be decisive for your condition.

1. Low blood pressure

The body defends itself from excessive heat by cooling itself. The hypothalamus in the brain tries to To keep the temperature constantly at 37° centigrade. The hypothalamus gives orders to the blood vessels in the skin. As soon as these expand, the heat can escape. At the same time, blood pressure drops. It makes you limp and exhausted.

2. Water loss

Our body is made up of more than 60% water, but in the heat we sweat. We lose up to half a liter of water a day, and even more at night. Since water is our elixir of life, It is clear that with such a high water loss you cannot concentrate and perform as well.

Because you sweat a lot, the electrolytes you really need leave your body. Muscle cramps are also not uncommon. We know this from a hangover after a long night of partying. Electrolytes must be reabsorbed by the body in the form of salts.

3. General climate sensitivity

Climate sensitivity in itself is not a proven clinical picture. However, many people feel that a change in the weather is causing them problems. There are several theories about the origin of this feeling. You can find out how to counteract this in our article on climate sensitivity.

Constant Tiredness: Here’s What You Can Do About It

The good news! The state of being constantly tired from the heat is not natural and you can make improvements yourself. We’ve researched three tips to help you with heat exhaustion.

woman sleeping on the bus
Heat exhaustion can also come from a poor diet Photo: IMAGO / Addictive Stock

1. Treat yourself to a power nap

Almost self explanatory, but still important: enough sleep Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but grown-ups need something seven to eight hours sleep daily. But let’s be honest, sometimes you just can’t do it, especially when sometimes you just can’t sleep.

Tip: In order not to be tired all the time, the previously hated afternoon nap can save the day. But beware! In order not to fall into a deep sleep, it is recommended no more than 20 minutes sleep.

hangover coffee
Tea also contains caffeine and can have a similar effect on your body as coffee. Photo: IMAGO / Addictive Stock

2. Coffee in the morning drives away sadness and worry.

If that doesn’t help, our favorite anti-fatigue device comes into play: coffee. It is considered a popular stimulant. In order not to be tired all the time and for a to improve concentration and performance, However, as is often the case, the advice applies: sparingly rather than in bulk. If you don’t like coffee, you can turn green tea dodge, which also gives you a new power for the day.

The coffee is substantial. breakfast also recommended, so that you stay full for a long time. A Egg dishes, dairy products such as quark or yogurt offer you a good opportunity and a porridge rich in fiber to combat fatigue.

3. Movement wakes you up

It doesn’t have to be a half marathon before work, but a walk during lunch also helps. Your circulation kicks into high gear, releasing hormones, enzymes, and other messenger substances that ward off tiredness and give you new energy. Your body will definitely thank you for the extra portion of oxygen you get from the fresh air.

Conclusion: go out in the sun

Basically, enjoy the sun, because the sun makes you happy! Through the rays of the sunwe absorb vitamin D, and these are true happiness creators. They have a positive effect on our mood and well-being and also give us that summer glow.

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Avoid sweating on the face.

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