Bochum | Hofmann talks about Letsch and his philosophy

Those declared dead live longer. This proverb applies better to no club these days than VfL Bochum, who not only gave up the “Red Lantern” on Sunday, but also sent a clear signal to the competition – and that has a lot to do with the new manager. .

Pubic inflammation or not?  Gerrit Holtmann's statements raise questions.

Pubic inflammation or not? Gerrit Holtmann’s statements raise questions.

On December 10, 2016, FC Ingolstadt beat RB Leipzig (1-0), so far nothing spectacular. What’s special about this is that it was the last time in the Bundesliga that a lower team was able to beat the current leader, until Bochum’s 2-1 thrashing against Union Berlin.

The victory was neither lucky nor flattering, it was deserved, as Berlin coach Urs Fischer admitted to DAZN. “They ate us up,” said the Swiss referring to Bochum’s performance, which showed the chocolate side of him both fighting and running and had somewhat beaten the Irons with their own weapons.

This is also thanks to new coach Thomas Letsch, as Philipp Hofmann explained and illustrated his coach’s philosophy: “Do it early, press, switch after winning the ball, take the second ball and finish fast.” In addition, there are still work standards, such as the corner against Hofmann’s 1-0. “We practice these corner kicks every day, and we knew we had a chance there.”

The Bochum plan worked perfectly

Philipp Förster stated that the Bochum plan worked perfectly. “The coach gave us a good plan. We didn’t allow much and were insensitive from the beginning with the standards, that was our plan,” explained Förster, noting: “We deserved to win.”

Thomas Letsch

Above: Bochum and coach Thomas Letsch.

Förster himself also knew how to convince. A goal assist, three shot assists, 30 ball contacts and a 95 percent passing rate are impressive. The fact that the 27-year-old has done so well is also due to the fact that the focus on “playing against the ball” suits him, because “I like to run and I can help the team. I feel good between the two channels. “.

We were there in the second ball and we took away their strength.

The fiancé Letsch returned the compliment to his players. “You could tell that the team wanted to get something out,” said the 54-year-old, adding: “We were there on the second ball, we took their strength away and, on the contrary, we punctured the ball.”

Holtmann causes confusion

The manager particularly praised Gerrit Holtmann’s 2-0 lead, which was a “textbook” counterattack. Holtmann, who still hasn’t been able to build on his strong form from the previous season and also explains this mentally (“It’s a little problem for me too, I have to be clear about that”). But he also caused confusion when he claimed he was “not 100 percent fit.” “I’ve been walking around with pubic arthritis for weeks. I also get injections all the time.”

Letsch was amazed. “Inflammation of the pubic bone is an injury, but I am not informed about it. I don’t know if he injects himself every day. Don’t get the wrong impression here: I am in constant contact with my medical staff. Gerrit Holtmann was fit to play, that’s why he played.”

Regardless of Holtmann’s problem, one thing is certain: with the victory, the Revierklub left 18th place and handed over the “Red Lantern” to local rivals Schalke 04 (1:2 at Hertha BSC). Speaking of local rivals: after beating Union, Bochum certainly dared to take a look at the cup draw, and must have been happy to learn that they were allowed to host BVB in the round of 16.

The DFB Cup draw at a glance

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