Bread without carbohydrates: this ingredient makes it particularly absurd

If you do without carbohydrates, you have to give up some foods. These include many staple foods such as bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes. Many people find strict waiver difficult. Alternatives that taste good are rare. A tik toker have a carb free bread developed and shared the recipe. Can this taste? And how healthy is it really?

Why should you eat bread without carbohydrates?

There are several reasons why people as few carbohydrates as possible wants to record. Some want to lose weight or regulate their blood sugar levels. Others want to promote muscle growth and therefore consume more protein.

In everyday life, it can be difficult to do without carbohydrates. Now there are some products tasty alternatives. Instead of pasta, pasta based on lentils or chickpeas is served. You can make a kind of rice with grated cauliflower. But replacing bread without carbohydrates is difficult. What is the alternative?

Bread without carbohydrates: can it taste good?

in tik tok shows a user named crystalc.fithow to make bread without carbohydrates A lot can be revealed: the recipe is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Bread without carbohydrates will be left out chicken minced meat, eggs, baking powder, baking soda and spices manufactured. After the ground beef is sealed, it is placed in the blender along with the other ingredients. Crystal then fills the dough into a saucepan and bakes it at 200 degrees for 30 minutes. After that, the bread just has to cool down and can then be eaten.

According to the TikTokerin I know that protein bread without carbohydrates “light and airy” and feels “almost like a pancake”. The only question is whether the mashed chicken and egg mixture actually tastes good. All this has nothing to do with real bread!

vegan protein sources

How healthy is bread without carbohydrates?

And what about the level of ingredients? One thing is certain: in fact, bread is mainly made up of proteins and fats. However, the calorie content should not be underestimated: 200 grams of chicken meat and 6 eggs have more than 1000 calories!

In addition, the bread without carbohydrates consists almost exclusively of animal protein. Although this is healthy in a limited amount and important for muscle development and other bodily functions. However, experts warn against consuming too much animal protein. As 2 long-term studies showed, A consistently high intake of animal protein leads to an increased risk of mortalityespecially due to diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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