Burpees: 4 mistakes almost everyone makes

belches are among the most popular bodyweight exercises. Most people know them, only a few love them. Push-up jumps are really exhausting and cause severe muscle pain and intense panting. In this exercise you train your resistance, your endurance strength and your reactive strength.

These are the benefits of burpees

According to a study conducted in American College of Sports Medicine was published 10 fast burpees have the same effect on your metabolism as a super fast 30 second sprint. Your heart is pumping, your blood is pumping faster, and your breathing is up, so exercise increases your metabolism and you can still benefit from the afterburn effect even after your workout.

It’s more Burpees not only work your core muscles, but also your thighs and buttocks.triceps, shoulders and spinal erectors.

Burpees: You Shouldn't Make These Mistakes
Burpess: Avoid these mistakes. (Photo: Pindyurin Vasily shutterstock)

Why are they called burpees?

There is a myth about the name burpee: many people believe that it is just called burpees because after a few repetitions of the burpee you have to burp. “To burp” means to burp in English. During particularly strenuous exercise, stomach acid can reach the esophagus. You have to get out of it. But this explanation is just a myth.

The actual meaning of the name Burpee is named after the American physiologist Royal Huddleston Burpee. In 1939 he developed what is still famous today. burpee testthe “fitness test for every human being”. At that time, however, the test did not consist of push-ups and jumping jacks.

Today, however, the number of burpees should be used to decide how high your fitness level is:

  • 8 burpees: low fitness level
  • 10 burpees: moderate fitness
  • 12 burpees: good level of form
  • 13 or more: excellent level of fitness

Burpees: This is how the exercise works

A burpee combines squats, push-ups, and jumping jacks. Stand up straight, now bend over, put your hands in front of your feet. And she explosively jumps her feet back so you’re in a push-up position. Then jump your feet forward again, crouch down, then push through your heels and jump up. Then you repeat the exercise.

Avoid these three mistakes

But: It turns out that even experienced athletes when performing burpees mistakes over and over make.

one. No tension and dropped hips.north

Don’t just do push-ups and squat walks. Maintain muscle tension and descend in a controlled manner. Many athletes let their hips sag, especially when doing push-ups. You should definitely avoid this. Your body should form a straight line.

Avoid rounding your back in the squat position. This is a sign of a lack of tension in the core muscles.

2. You do not put your chest on the ground

This means you don’t use them. full range of motion out, leaving some muscles unused. And honestly? We do this strenuous exercise to get the most out of the workout.

3. Don’t run out of breath

But ensure good air supply and more resistance to Inhale as you squat down and then exhale in a push-up. Inhale as you stand up and exhale as you jump.

Do not forget to breathe: Exhale during the jump and the concentric phase of the pushup, and inhale in between. Find your own rhythm. It is important that you do not hold your breath from the effort.

4. No core strength

Many pay attention when performing burpees only on speed, but not on correct technique. So they let their stomach hang during the exercise and stretch their back when they stand up. The result: the stomach is not well trained and there is a risk of back pain. A burpee is not fun like that.

Sagging hips: Many athletes let their hips sag, especially when doing push-ups. You should definitely avoid this. Your body should form a straight line.

There are countless variants

Do you always do the classic burpees? Bring some variety to your workout and thus ensure that your muscles are stimulated more and develop better. And you don’t lose the fun of always doing the same movement.

Burpee high jumps: When jumping, you can bring one leg to your chest at a time.

Box Jump Burpees: You can do this exercise perfectly outdoors, not jumping on the ground but on a small stable wall or box. This exercise really challenges you!

Single Leg Burpee: Right now, with gyms reopening, you can put one leg in a TRX sling and do your burpee like this. This variation on the classic version takes your balance to the next level!

Perform burpees correctly
Box jump burpees are a great alternative to the classic burpee. (Photo: shutterstock/ UfaBizPhoto)

Conclusion: include burpees in the training plan

If you want to improve your physical condition, burn fat and strengthen your cardiovascular system, you must Include burpees in your routine. The same applies here, though: It’s best to do the exercise correctly to prevent soreness and really tighten the muscles you really want to train.

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