Can you get breast cancer with a bra or an implant?

There are many myths and falsehoods surrounding the causes of breast cancer. The fact is that there are certain risk factors that can promote a disease. But much of what is considered harmful is also complete nonsense. On the occasion of breast cancer month wmn has set out to uncover prejudices about the origin of the disease.

Breast Cancer Month: Myths About How Breast Cancer Develops

There are some myths about how breast cancer develops that persist. These can not only make women uneasy, but also make those affected feel guilty. As part of Breast Cancer Month, therefore, 3 common prejudices scrutinized

Myth 1: Wearing a bra can cause breast cancer.

One of the most common falsehoods is that bras cause breast cancer. Supposedly too tight straps or underwires can pinch the lymphatics. As a result, dangerous cellular debris cannot be removed, which promotes cancer development. But that is simply wrong. Bras do not cause breast cancer!

As several studies have shown, there is no connection between the use of bras and the development of breast cancer. This applies to underwired and non-wired bras.

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Myth 2: Implants can cause breast cancer

Women who have enlarged breasts are at risk of developing breast cancer. Is that correct? No, says plastic surgeon Dr. Physician Facing Timo Spanholtz info MEDICINE: “Breast cancer after breast augmentation is terrible news. To date, 17 deaths have been reported worldwide. This is terrible, but you have to see it in the context of the estimated 35 million women who have implants. So the calculated probability of death is approximately 0.000049 percent.”

In addition, the cases seem to affect women especially. Implants with a special rough surface They were used. So the risk can vary. However, it cannot be said in general that implants generally increase the risk of breast cancer.

Myth 3: The smaller the breasts, the lower the risk of breast cancer

If you only have a small cup size and therefore think you are safe, unfortunately you are wrong. The size of the breast says nothing about the risk of disease. This is because most types of breast cancer develop outside of fatty tissue. is much more important Breast tissue density. Because women with a breast tissue density of more than 75 percent have a 4 to 6 times higher risk of developing the disease.

It is even more important to see a gynecologist regularly for check-ups. Breast Cancer Month wants to draw attention to this and raise awareness among women.

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How you want to educate Breast Cancer Month

although or just because Breast cancer the most common cancer in women There are many misconceptions and misconceptions about the disease. Affected women, in particular, understandably wonder why. You ask yourself: Could the disease have been prevented? But that can only be answered in individual cases by the attending physician.

Breast Cancer Month not only aims to raise awareness that essential precaution it is. Untruths must also be discovered and corrected so that the disease can be detected and treated at an early stage.

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