Cathy Hummels kicked out of fitness class

Cathy Hummels' trip to Los Angeles seems to be an ill-fated one.

Cathy Hummels’ trip to Los Angeles seems to be an ill-fated one.Image: cathyhummels/instagram

Cathy Hummels is currently in Los Angeles, so you can only envy her, but now that the influencer has arrived in the US metropolis, things are anything but quiet. On her Instagram story, the 34-year-old revealed for the first time that her suitcase was missing and she is still looking for it. But that’s not all: Hummels seems to be going through a rough patch.

Cathy Hummels kicked out of fitness class

“No suitcase, but a bike for me,” the “Battle of the Reality Stars” host said, quickly optimistic after the first setback. His plan: The borrowed bike should go to the Pilates Reformer course, apparently Hummels also wants to keep fit in the States. However, there was another unpleasant awakening, because he had probably visited the place a little too early:

“They kicked me out after ten minutes. I was probably just on the waiting list.”

Cathy Hummels gets another nasty surprise in Los Angeles.

Cathy Hummels gets another nasty surprise in Los Angeles.image: cathyhummels/instagram

“It’s off to a good start, my time here,” summed up Hummels, who took the whole thing with humor. In the following part of his Instagram story, he let the community know about him: “I’m still smiling…I’m trying. Somehow nothing works yet.” Due to the loss of the suitcase, he currently “doesn’t even have pajamas.” Medicines and contact lenses also disappeared.

However, the influencer knows how to help herself: Immediately after her arrival, she went to a supermarket to fix some important things: and since the suitcase was not there yet on Tuesday, the spontaneous purchase of underwear was also on the agenda.

Cathy Hummels: The search for the suitcase continues

Apparently, Hummels hasn’t given up hope of recovering his lost belongings. On Instagram he published a photo of the suitcase that she was looking for, the model is pink with white polka dots and that is why it is very noticeable. “I’m probably flying into world history… keep your fingers crossed for me”the TV presenter wrote.

By the way, Hummels did not travel to Los Angeles (alone) to relax anyway, soon they will be filming in the city. Son Ludwig is not there this time, but his father keeps him company. The stay should last a total of three weeks; hopefully Hummels will have better luck on the remaining days.


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