Circuit Training Exercises To Do At Home: These 5 Will Make You Sweat

Do you quickly get bored with sports and crave new challenges and variety? Then circuit training is for you! Here you complete different stations in a row, train your muscles and condition and reach your limits! The exercises you complete at the stations are entirely up to you. Some circuit training exercises However, they are particularly efficient, and now we will introduce you to five of them!

These circuit training exercises are waiting for you

Circuit training is experiencing a resurgence

Do you remember your school sports? Several stations were often installed here and when the teacher whistles, he must change the station. First, you threw medicine balls, then you pumped parallel bars, and then you competed in vaults. Although it was not called that in physical education class: also This is what is known as circuit training..

However, circuit training not only exists from our physical education classes, but currently since 1952. At that time, circuit training was developed by the English Morgan and Adamson at the University of Leeds. In essence, this training should improve both strength and endurance, increase metabolism, and increase oxygen uptake. The two sports scientists developed one for this purpose. Catalog of 24 circuit training exercises.

Many of these exercises are still popular today. These include, for example, pull-ups, push-ups, bench presses, or burpees. However, other exercises have also been modified over the ones were added and old ones were removed, simply because they would require devices that are hardly available today.

A good example of this is stair climbing, which involves the use of a rope ladder uploaded Will. The only abdominal exercise developed by Morgan and Adamson is also not recommended because it can damage your back. it was about that Sit up from the supine position.

Keep reading: Did you know that tabata also involves alternating different exercises? Read more here.

What does circuit training do?

Circuit training is functional training that can be adapted to any level of performance and intensity. here you can Mobility, stability, coordination, strength and endurance are trained. – Always depending on the circuit training exercises, of course. The following points speak in favor of circuit training:

  • It is versatile. You can always think of new exercises and set stimuli. This way you won’t get bored and your muscles will benefit. Instead of always setting the same tension and getting stuck, you’ll always achieve new training goals this way.
  • It is suitable for all fitness levels. You decide what exercises you do, how long you rest and how complex the circuit training exercises are.
  • It burns a lot of calories. Circuit training not only keeps your muscles active, it also tests your cardiovascular and metabolic systems at the highest level. This, along with the afterburn effect, leads to a high calorie burn.
  • It is holistic. With this type of training you improve your strength, endurance, coordination, speed and stability. It serves as the perfect complement for strength athletes because it also trains resistance. Endurance athletes benefit because they can also strengthen their muscles with circuit training.
  • Train the whole body: Instead of focusing on one part of your body, your whole body is involved. This is how your muscles develop harmoniously.

5 circuit training exercises to do at home

Today, circuit training, or CT for short, naturally has a more urban feel. Loaded gyms gave way to trendy gyms. but also outdoors circuit training exercises can be completed. All that is needed is a Freeletics area with ropes, scaffolding or other training facilities.

finally you can but you can also do your own circuit training at home. To help you do that, here are five circuit training exercises for you. A good circuit training should also always at least five exercises included, always targeting a different large muscle group.

Ideally, you’ll do each exercise for a minute, take a short break, and move on to the next exercise. The number of circles you do depends on your training level and your goal. Two or three laps are recommended to start.

1. burpees

A burpee is one demanding full body exercise, that combines a squat, a push-up and a jump. To do this, stand up straight, squat down, place your hands in front of your feet, jump into a pushup position, then forward again, back into a squat, and finally finish with a straight jump up. Beginners should practice the exercise slowly and without jumping. You can read here what mistakes you should avoid when doing a burpee.

A burpee works your entire body! Photo: Photo: iStock, gradyreese /

2. Side plank plus raise

The side plank requires your stability, balance, and strength. Do this by making a side plank. So that only the elbow (alternatively the hand) and the feet (alternatively the lower knee) touch the ground. Hold this position and now begin to carefully reach under her body with your top hand. Then reach your hand towards the ceiling and repeat this movement. You can find exercises for the most challenging abdominal muscles here.

side table
The side plank works the lateral abdominal muscles and the shoulders. Photo: istock, stockfour /

3. Sumo jump squat

There are numerous squat exercises, and they all work a different part of our body. The sumo squat, for example, targets not only the buttocks and thighs, but also the inner thighs. But your calves and core will benefit too. If you complete it with a jump, your speed will also be trained. You can read here what mistakes you should avoid when performing a squat.

mrs squat
Squats are incredibly effective exercises for the gluteus medius and minimus. Photo: Artem Varnitsin/

4. sauces

This exercise is best done on the edge of a chair or bed. To do this, sit on the far end of the seat. Support yourself with both hands on the edge. Your arms are slightly bent, your back is straight. Stretch your legs, bring your heels up, lift your butt off the seat, and now get off. so that your bottom slides past the edge. Bend your arms further and lower them as you do so. At the lowest possible point, but without stopping first, push yourself up and repeat the movement. This circuit training exercise primarily trains your arms.

physical aptitude
Photo: Productions

5. Plank

Lie face down on the floor and look down. Place your elbows parallel to your body and below your shoulders. Now push your body up and support yourself with your elbows and the balls of your feet. The muscles of your stomach, legs, and back should be tense. Keep this exercise for the whole minute. Here you can read about the mistakes that you should definitely avoid.

exercise sport back training
The plank trains your whole body. It is better to distract yourself during this time to last as long as possible. Photo: Photo: jacoblund

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