»Clear target for increased performance

Sun, beach and a lot of fitness and health – that’s what the “FITBOOK Beach Camp” from September 30 to October 7, 2022 is all about. Sascha Wingenfeld is also there as a coach. There he is responsible for power training, with the aim of improving the performance of athletic participants.

Sascha Wingenfeld has worked as an athletic trainer and personal trainer for more than 20 years. In the Rhön, he runs the company “proVita Coaching” and, as a personal trainer, takes care of the fitness and performance of his athletes and clients. Sascha Wingenfeld will show how this works at the “FITBOOK Beach Camp” in Crete. In an interview, the competitive athlete told us what awaits the participants there.

This is Sascha Wingenfeld – FITBOOK Beach Camp Trainer 2022

Sascha Wingenfeld during training
FITBOOK Beach Camp Coach 2022: Sascha WingenfeldPhoto: Sascha Wingenfeld

Surname: sasha wingenfeld
Home: Gersfeld/Rhoen
sports achievements: Former competitive swimmer and long-distance runner, national and international successes in triathlon, including European cross triathlon champion
Licenses/Education: Socio-health educator, C-certified triathlon coach and trainer, Nordic walking coach, running and swimming coach, relaxation method coach, KddR back training coach

Beach Camp Frame 1

»I pass on what I have learned in competitive sports to amateur athletes

SETTINGS BOOK: What sport were you in aktiv before becoming an athletic trainer and personal trainer?
Sasha Wingenfeld: “I originally come from the Olympic triathlon industry and have met many coaches and training approaches and filtered down the best ones for my clients. I have been able to celebrate a number of national and international successes over the years and that is exactly what I want to convey.” to my athletes. This is also what you will experience in the camp. Because what I learned from competitive and professional sports, I am now trying to turn it into areas of leisure and exclusive hobbies so that you can celebrate your successes in the best possible way.”

»You have to have a goal and be willing to torment yourself sometimes

Amateur athletes who want to train for performance come to you. What is important?
Wingenfeld:: “First of all, if you want to train for performance, it is important to be willing to torture yourself. The second is: have a goal. How do you want to measure your performance if you don’t have a goal? Whether it’s the next road race at a certain speed, or you want to reduce your weight, or you just want to look better, define it for yourself and be aware of exactly what it is. When you can see your progress and know how far you are from your goal, it’s also much easier to keep your motivation high. So sometimes it can hurt or you get tormented because you know that at some point you can achieve success because of it.”

What can you convert from competitive sports to hobby sports?
Wingenfield: “Everything that we can know and try in competitive and professional sport, we can convert to the smallest level, to the normal athlete. That doesn’t mean you have to go at the same intensities, reps, or speeds. But the body’s own processes are the same, so you can perfectly use the competitive sports approach for hobby sports, perhaps to achieve more quality and the best possible goal with less effort.”

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“I am working on your efficiency and endurance

What do you plan to do with the participants of the FITBOOK Beach Camp?
Wingenfield: “I’m working on your performance and stamina. Can’t wait to see you. Let rip.”

What course will you offer at FITBOOK Beach Camp?
Wingenfeld:: “My camp is about endurance sports, especially running. As an endurance trainer and running trainer, I’ll show you all the things you can activate with your body’s own throttles to make your running training even easier. Also, I am concerned about high intensity training, i.e. what endurance performance you can achieve working with your own body weight or with small equipment. My favorite course, which I can only recommend to everyone, is the so-called ‘Hurricane Workout’. We try to spin like a hurricane through our conditioning zones to improve our endurance performance. It hurts a bit but it’s a lot of fun and I hope the sun comes out and we can do it all by the sea.”

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What are you most looking forward to at FITBOOK Beach Camp?
“What I look forward to the most at Beach Camp is to give you one or two tips that you may not have considered in everyday life, and of course, extend the summer. What could be better?

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