Climbing stairs is so effective to be in shape

The ladder is one of the best training devices of all, both for fitness and endurance as well as for coordination and the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. And the advantage of this: stairs can be found everywhere in our everyday life. It just depends on how you use them. Under the motto “Up the stairs, down the stairs to get fitter”, 14 participants gathered at the Gigelberg in Biberach on Thursday evening and were inspired by Edwin Jäger, sports and exercise specialist at AOK Ulm-Biberach. He went up and down the stairs, and in many different ways. A good preparation for the Biberach Schützenfest, because there are many stairs leading up the mountain.

edwin jager (Photo: AOK Ulm-Biberach)

This course was part of the SZ series “Fit through the seasons”, which the AOK Ulm-Biberach offers together with the “Schwäbische Zeitung” until the autumn. There are plenty of free offers to be discovered for which those interested simply have to sign up. “The offer of the stairs simply interested me,” says Gerlinde Figel. “It was great to learn these different step sequences.” You will definitely incorporate training into your daily life in the future.

Concentration is important when training

Because stair training is suitable for all fitness levels, it’s fun, it promotes endurance, strength and coordination, and it gets the cardiovascular system going. “It’s actually a full-body workout, because you want to take your arms with you,” explains Edwin Jäger. “But it also requires a certain amount of concentration, which in turn promotes coordination.” The participants felt this firsthand. Sometimes it was not easy to remember the sequence of steps. Especially if you start off on the wrong foot. “It’s much easier and faster on the right,” says one participant. Despite the effort, everyone had a lot of fun with the stair workout. “I had no idea that climbing stairs could be so tiring, but also so much fun.”

Edwin Jäger demonstrated various exercises and repeatedly chased participants up the 24 steps in the gravel parking lot at Gigelberg in different variations. “You will see your stamina improve very quickly if you do this more often.” A 67-year-old participant has set himself this goal: “What we have done here is just great. I have 14 steps in the house and I wanted some advice.” If you don’t do anything for your body for a long time, you quickly notice how it deteriorates physically, especially as you get older: “That’s why I want to slowly get back up now,” he says. She also praises the AOK course instructor: “He has a good empathy with the people who participate here, so that everyone comes too.”

Beat 40 to 80 daily levels

And that’s exactly the great thing about climbing stairs: everyone can do it at their own pace without getting agitated. “You shouldn’t be completely out of breath. It should be the case that you can still talk while walking up the stairs,” says Edwin Jäger. As advice he gave participants on the way: “Find a place where there are 40 to 80 steps and bring them up and down once a day. This is a super effective workout.”

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