Club Intel Report identifies four fitness people

Market research institute Club Intel has published a new report titled ‘Optimizing Personalization Using Fitness Characters’. The study defines four important types of gym visitors and provides valuable information for target group-specific marketing as well as customer-oriented training and service offerings.

Valuable customer insights: The new Club Intel report identifies relevant target groups for fitness studies.

The most important facts in summary:

  • Practical Market Research: Delivers a New Report from Club Intel and ABC Fitness Solutions valuable customer insights.
  • Study evaluated more 1,500 consumer surveys out and include that too Commentary from industry experts.
  • In the analyzes they four relevant fitness characters and crystallized their specific needs.
  • With this idea, studies its range of services even more appropriate for the target group design and market.

Here we go! Background and detailed information:

The report summarized below and which can be requested here is the result of two years of intensive consumer researchthat Club Intel conducted together with the research company Dynata.

People as important orientation

flowed in the studio 1,500 consumer surveys and the Feedback from experienced industry experts one, the latter collected by researchers during IHRSA 2022.

Deliver the results of the report. useful information about four relevant fitness charactersthat are important to studio operators.

“Such consumer or shopper personas help fitness companies design their products in such a way as to better meet the needs of their members and customers.”

Mark Williamson – Founder of the Intel Club

Adds Mark Williamson: “These fictional characters, who represent a real target audience, serve to Summarize research results on a specific target group in a concise and understandable way“.

The following chart provides a Overview of the top four fitness peoplethat the study identified.

1. The ‘veteran’

Fixed training routines and rituals. are part of the daily life of this target group. 35 percent of respondents assigned to this category were older than 66 years ancient. These members crave that community aspect of fitness and train regularly in the studio. (Keep reading: ‘Social Center Study’)

Around 63 percent to give more than $25 a month for fitness outside. Many of them prefer individual coaching and personal support prior to.

“Veterans are the person for whom the industry makes many of its business decisions.

Lee Robinson – ABC Fitness Solutions Study Sponsor

“But if we base our business decisions solely on this person, we are missing out on the rest of the market,” he adds. So be it It is also important to address the other target groups in the best possible way..

2. The ‘wellness lover’

East growing and demanding target group want Fitness, nutrition and mental well-being in harmony bring. Themes of work-life balance and mental fitness play a central role.

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only those Age group from 25 to 39 years old look specifically for these types of offers and also ready for money accordingly Spend Just over half of respondents in this category are already gym members and spend more than $25 a month on these types of deals.

Yoga, nutrition, regeneration.

Wellness lovers chase one more holistic approach – Clubs that want to focus on this target group should think about how Optimally combines group training, recovery courses, yoga and nutritional offers can,” says Mark Williamson.

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3. The ‘Fitness Explorer’

41 percent are in this target group between 25 and 39 years old old and 61 percent work full time. they are constant looking for new fitness programs, products and services. Some 69 percent spend more than $25 each month on fitness, and 51 percent are gym members.

“It will be crucial to continuously develop new programs for this target group.

Kelly Thorne – Vice President Movati

Kelly Thorne continues: “The goal should be to bring them into our Key services like personal training, small group training and group training tie them down to keep them long-term.

4. The ‘casual user’

only 16 percent are in this target group already members in a gym and only 27 percent spend $25 or more a month on fitness. More than half are between 25 and 39 years old.

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Only these occasional users necessity according to Williamson “valuable guidance, help and motivation”, so you can be excited about training in the gym in the long run.

A deeper understanding of your own target group is he Basis for high-quality products and services.

Concludes Mark Williamson: “Consumer personas help both club owners and marketing teams find the answer to one of their most pressing questions: Who are we designing for?

the full report With more information about customers, you can check here.

More about the subject: ‘Target Group Specific Sales Strategies’ and ‘Focus on Fitness Customers’

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