Concept2 ergometers in use at HYROX events around the world

HYROX, The World Series of Fitness Racing, finished an extremely successful 2022 season in May despite the pandemic. fitness MANAGEMENT spoke with HYROX founder Christian Toetzke about the prospects for the event series and his association with Concept2.

Interview with Christian Toetzke about the prospects for HYROX and the partnership with Concept2

fM: You have the 2022 season of HYROX on May 14 with the biggest in the world Championships in Las Vegas ended. What conclusion do you also draw in the face of the reflux of the pandemic and its associates? Challenges for you as an organizer?

Christian Toetzke: It was by far the most successful season for us so far. We are extremely satisfied, especially since after two years of the pandemic, the series developed almost immediately from the beginning.

In almost all the events that existed before the pandemic, we had a higher number of participants than before and launched two new markets in the UK and the Netherlands, which are running very successfully. The event in London, which was the largest we have ever had with 4,000 participants, and the World Cup in Las Vegas with 1,200 participants confirm that we are well on our way to achieving our vision.

For a brand as young as HYROX, our first season was in 2018 and Corona came in 2020, this is a unique development. A pandemic is the most unfavorable situation imaginable.

What predictions do you give us for the next season of HYROX, which starts in the fall? Will there be news or new events?

Yes. We want to keep improving our product every new season: How can I make the participant experience even better? What can make events even better? Then we will start thinking about new things. As the number of events increases, we also have more opportunities to invest in equipment that we can use at events.

Participants can expect innovations that improve the entire process and experience.

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In the next season we will open some new markets. We will increase from 30 events this year to 50. First is the entire Middle East, which we launched together with a partner in early May: Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

We will expand Spain from one event in Madrid to five. So now we also have Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Malaga and Valencia on offer. In Scandinavia we will add new markets with events in Stockholm and Copenhagen, expand the Dutch market and also expand the UK market with definitely an event in Glasgow.

Following the success of Las Vegas, we will also expand the US market. In addition, there will be two events, mainly in the main metropolitan areas: in London, in New York and in Los Angeles.

We have a lot planned and that is also a good prospect for the fitness industry: all the people who register to participate in the events will want to train or, if they are already training, they will want to train specifically. Gyms have the opportunity to expand their business with HYROX, attract new members and offer existing members new training options and goals.

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This is a phenomenon similar to that known from triathlons or marathons. We want to work with as many gyms as possible.

What is the international feedback on the combination of Endurance and endurance strength elements that even CrossFit experienced®-Exercisers face challenges?

I’m glad you asked the question. In fact, we’ve received tremendous feedback in a very short time: HYROX is reported not only in special interest magazines like Men’s Health, but also in well-known media outlets like The Times (London). The series of events is called a new trend, a new challenge, a new bucket list event.

More and more is being written about how to train for HYROX. That is very important to me. We are convinced that it is one of the healthiest forms of exercise. And that is a very important message that we want to spread. HYROX is not only a great event that is incredibly fun, it is also an extremely balanced and healthy form of training, which in combination is very successful internationally.

I assume that successes abroad will “overflow” to Germany.

As a partner in the field of ergometers, HYROX relied on Concept2 from the very beginning. How did this association come about?

Concept2 supports us in our development. If we enter new markets now, we need new devices everywhere. And yes, a very close partnership developed.

In my opinion, Concept2 also makes the most consistent and reliable products. The devices are simply “competition proof”. We tested several pieces of equipment before starting HYROX. There were great, feature-rich devices that, in our opinion, were too prone to failure for the competition.

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It is also important to HYROX that the devices are identical, in terms of strength and performance, because we need the same conditions for all participants. Concept2 has reached an incredibly high level in this area. It is noted that the company comes from the sport of rowing.

The Ergathlon Concept2

The Concept2 Ergathlon celebrates its premiere on Saturday, September 10, 2022. The ergathlon is a one-day competition in which participating athletes face Concept2 ergometers.

The challenge

500 meters on RowErg, 1,000 meters on BikeErg and another 500 meters on SkiErg as fast as possible. Women and men start in the 18-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50+ age groups.

Whoever covers the total distance fastest on all three devices wins the ergathlon.

You can find more information about the event right here on the Concept2 website.

indoor rowing

Technology and know-how in cooperation with DRV: Convey indoor rowing in the box, rowing club or studio significantly, improve rowing technique and deepen knowledge about indoor rowing – in cooperation with the Association German Rowing (DRV), Concept2 has events in 2022 designed for coaches.

dates and places

  • August 20, 2022 in Hamburg
  • September 24, 2022 in Berlin
  • October 15, 2022 in Frankfurt
  • October 29, 2022 in Munich
  • November 19, 2022 in Viersen


  • Tim Grohmann, Olympic Rowing Champion
  • Marc Swienty, DOSB Qualified Trainer
  • Anna Mühle, world and European ergometer champion
  • Ivan Saric, former member of the DRV national team


  • Rowing technique, technical training and video analysis.
  • Indoor rowing training planning
  • How to properly use the Performance Monitor PM5 and how to care for Concept2 rowing machines

If you are interested in registering, you can do so directly through the German Rowing Association.

More information about Rowing technique online training it’s here.

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