Crazy Outdoor Drill in Walzbachtal-Jöhlingen increases fitness

power training

Truck tires are also used in TSV Jöhlingen’s weekly training programme.

    Crazy outdoor drilling, you can see Rebekka Oberle

Crazy outdoor drilling, you can see Rebekka Oberle

Photo: Sidney Huber

Work out, sweat, pump and run: Rebekka Oberle’s “Crazy Outdoor Drilling” program takes place every Monday on the grounds of TSV Jöhlingen from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm It really gets down to business. It’s not called a “drill” for nothing.

The goal is to increase your fitness and endurance, while Oberle constantly encourages you to keep going, no matter how hard the training gets. The campaign takes place exclusively in the open air, the training objects are car tires, ropes or game scaffolding.

And what happens then? Pull-ups or crawling through the mud are part of the program. Different units have different names. There is the battle rope or the tire flip, that is, the sporty twist of the tires of large trucks. Training units are usually structured in the same way: start with a warm-up, for example a simple warm-up.

Interval training followed by a break

This is followed by a short stretching session to increase exercise performance and then the main program.
And then he gets to work. The training includes, for example, a series of so-called tabatas, a form of interval training in which you go on for 20 seconds and then take a ten-second break.

Then it all lasts for eight rounds, or four minutes, before the next Tabata or other training session begins. Finally, Oberle ends the training with another stretching session.

“It’s more strength-endurance here,” Oberle sums up the difference between his program and conventional strength training, “with a little bit of running and more endurance than just strength training.”

The person in charge of the outdoor triples started about three years ago, also on the grounds of TSV Jöhlingen, in a summer campaign of the sports club. “Claudia Westphal offered this here, with the outdoor training. I went there once or twice, then she came up to me and asked, because I’m pretty fit, if I wouldn’t like to do it myself, like a course. And so it was. how it happened”.

Participant Matthias Fuchs explains why he participates in outdoor exercises: “Stay fit, stay healthy, somehow take the pain out of the office.”

If you have a certain basic level of fitness, you can participate.

Rebekka Oberle, Training Director

Enrollment in the program is done through the sports club. If you are a member there, the training is included, otherwise it costs five euros. There are no restrictions on participation. No specific age or prior knowledge is required. “If you have a certain level of fitness, you can participate, it’s mostly timed. If you can’t, then slow down,” says Oberle.

A ladder of exercises is always included, making the program neither too difficult for beginners nor too easy for advanced users.

Oberle’s goals with the outdoor treble are far from being met. “First of all, I would like more people to participate.” The coach would also like to officially participate in an obstacle course with her sports group. She has already participated in such a race in private with a single competitor, but never with all of them together.

The “Crazy Outdoor Drilling” takes place on Mondays from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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