Demonstrate Strength and Endurance at the HYROX World Series of Fitness

HYROX is a fitness race consisting of eight one-kilometer runs that alternate with eight different workouts. With the HYROX partnership, studio members can prepare for World Fitness Championships or prove their fitness with the HYROX Fitness Test. Michael Wunderle, regional manager of the VeniceBeach and FitBase studios of the Pfitzenmeier Group, reports on the cooperation in an interview.

HYROX Fitness World Series

HYROX is that Fitness run for everyone. At HYROX, athletes have to strength and endurance try as well. in an innovative mixture outside eight kilometer races alternating with eight different workouts each athlete can test their personal fitness level and take on the challenge alone or with a partner (double).

Precise timing and a completely identical setup in situ at the competition venues guarantee the professional implementation each competition. Up to 3,000 athletes participate in each test HYROX Fitness World Series part passing through four cities in North America Y 16 European metropolises on tour.

Their Diploma the tour takes place every year in the world fitness championships.

Partnership with HYROX gym

Already at the beginning of the HYROX Events 2017 in Hamburg have the organizers with them Gyms, studios and fitness chains cooperate and found out how successfully the HYROX concept was accepted in the respective studies. That experience turned into that HYROX Affiliation or Partnership Model for Fitness Studios and gyms developed.

HYROX offers a association model in that in adapted to any type of study can be. meanwhile is over 450 partner studios in Germany benefit of HYROX’s strong marketing measures: you can e.g. HYROX official training courses offer and can numerous marketing tools as well as the HYROX brand with its unmistakable corporate design.

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In addition to strengthening its own research community, HYROX brings new entrants to studies. about a attractive kickback model the low license fee can be partially refunded.

They are interested, to become a studio associate I want learn more about it? Write a Mail to Jacob Tilly, he will explain it to you Benefits and options of the study model in detail.

HYROX Fitness Test

From July 2021 run the Visit to the HYROX gym. As part of this tour, studios have the opportunity to latest HYROX product in his studio: HYROX Fitness Test – Short PFT. The HYROX PFT is now performed in thousands of gyms around the world.

As part of the HYROX PFTs, HYROX organizes a meeting in their studio Events for your members – completely free! More information about owners and members the spirit of HYROX on site as well as tips and tricks for the HYROX Fitness Race.

If you are with your studio Interested in a HYROX PFT If you have any questions, please contact Philipp von Soosten.

fM: How did the Pfitzenmeier Group with its facilities Wellness and Fitness Park Pfitzenmeier, VeniceBeach, FitBase and FitCamp partner of HYROX has it been converted?

Michael Wunderle: Almost four years ago we first heard about the HYROX event, which took place at the DM Arena in Karlsruhe. We quickly realized that the concept with its competencies fits perfectly with us and our training offerings and offers added value for our members and employees.

After creative discussions with Jacob Tilly from HYROX, we decided to cooperate.

Were at studios or training conventions earlierchanges are necessary to implement the HYROX training conceptto integrate? Why does HYROX fit in with the studios?

Since our fitness facilities are equipped with large, modern athletic arenas or functional fitness areas, no changes were necessary. Training forms were not new to us and the concept with its different disciplines fit perfectly with our training options. The competitive character was new.

How did you integrate HYROX into your previous offering?

Approximately three months before the event, we announce the event and offer additional HYROX preparation courses once or twice a week in addition to our athletics courses. There, our members prepare for the day of the competition with specific exercises and training programs. The answer is very positive.

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What experiences do you have with HYROX within your done study community? What is the feedback from customers on the one hand and employees on the other?

Most members who want to participate in the event also attend our HYROX courses on an ongoing basis. These are often ambitious members who have set themselves high goals. Some are new to measuring their personal fitness level and comparing their personal performance to others.

The community also includes members who are still on the fence about participating in the event but enjoy the spirit and dynamics of group courses. Preparatory courses and exercises arouse curiosity and have a “contagious” effect.

“An added value for partners and employees”

Michael Wunderle, Regional Manager VeniceBeach and FitBase Studios of the Pfitzenmeier Group

During the preparation time, you will see more and more members doing HYROX specific exercises. This is noticed and other members are suddenly interested in the topic.

Nearly 300 members and more than 60 employees of the Pfitzenmeier Group from across the region participated in the latest event in Karlsruhe. For many, especially our trainees and students, this was an absolute highlight.

We talked about the experiences on the track in individual competitions and the subsequent muscle soreness for weeks.

To what extent did HYROX help you with the implementation in support studies?

In the course of the agreement on cooperation, we discussed a joint launch. In addition to marketing materials, it was crucial for us to get our employees involved from the start. We held a big launch event where the HYROX team was able to introduce themselves and everyone got a feel for the concept.

We then trained together and worked out training concepts, which then shaped our group courses.

What advice do you give to studio operators or Fitness chains that want to become HYROX partners?

Success stands and falls with the team. If employees and trainers are enthusiastic about HYROX, nothing will stand in the way of successful cooperation. My conclusion: even if not all members are very interested in HYROX, it brings a lot of action to the club.


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