Diverse exercise offer from the fitness and health industry for the European Week of Sport

More exercise in Europe: Under the banner #BEACTIVE and a wide range of exercise offers from 23 to 30 September 2022, people across the continent will be motivated to exercise. The DSSV presents the EuropeActive campaign for the European Week of Sport in video and provides marketing and image material for download. Use the campaign for client retention and acquisition for your studio while promoting your political work on the ground; we will show you how to do it.

Fitness for all of Europe: #BEACTIVE campaign for more exercise during the European Week of Sport in September.

As an association of employers of German sports and health facilities, it is the DSSV eVa concern that the industry uses the potential of the #BEACTIVE campaign for itself. Because this is a campaign in which all establishments can and should participate without complications.

What is #BEACTIVE?

The bell #BE ACTIVE It represents Sport, fun, exercise, health, community and inclusion. Under this motto, the European Week of Sport Launched in 2015 by the European Commission.

In the past eight years of its existence could #BEACTIVE in Germany already great achievements achieve:

2015: first event
2016: 284 events
2017: 490 events, 70,000 participants
2018: 589 events, 100,000 participants
2021: 600 events (no information on the number of participants possible due to corona)

Fitness events, interviews and workouts - all videos here on YouTube

Also in 2022, people should be motivated to play sports through a wide range of exercise options. the prelude to #BEACTIVA week from September 23 to 30 forms the #ACTIVITYDAY on September 23, 2022.

The DSSV eV also wants to continue the steady growth with a big increase in events and all Motivate fitness and health facilities to participate in #BEACTIVE. Numerous campaigns and participations help the industry gain attention and recognition across Europe, especially among policy makers.

#BEACTIVE: Join now and motivate members

Are you already there with your studio? you can too contribute. Be part of the campaign and benefit from Loyalty and customer acquisition through your campaign.

In step-by-step instructions, the DSSV shows you a detailed description of the action, as well as all the options and measures to avoid it. extract the greatest possible potential from the campaign.

In addition, the DSSV provides you in this context visual effects at your disposal for that request in all its channels (social networks). Some marketing templates they are even customizable so you can send a call to your members tailored to your study.

In the video: DSSV presents the #BEACTIVE action

Florian Kündgen, Deputy CEO of DSSV eV, sums it all up Benefits of the #BEACTIVE campaign together in a short video and it gives you Helpful tips on hand

just look at this DSSV video to the European Week of Sport and participate in the Action for more movement across Europe. More information about the campaign can be found here on the DSSV landing page.

What preparations can you make?

After registering, you can already use the Planning your campaign/event beginning. There are no limits to your creativity here.. See what your options are objective group and the spatial conditions donate Get existing members, as well as interested and potential members, curious.

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maybe ask too Contact with potential cooperation partners here. These could include schools, city/municipality administration, municipalities or doctors, but perhaps also local WHM (#BEACTIVE in the workplace) service companies or political decision makers in combination with the press (you can find information about local political work here).

Social Media Posts: Use Hashtags!

It is also important that you Promote the campaign through your channels. Submit your individual #BEACTIVE program here and announce your campaign period. Also use the hashtag #BE ACTIVE in all your social media posts. This little thing makes a big difference action success a.

That too controlling the campaign It is important. You will receive more information on this topic ahead of time through the DSSV newsletter, in other articles here, and on our social media channels.

Review of #ACTIVEDAY 2021

the initiative of EuropeActive has already registered in the past great achievements and caters to the fitness and health industry great potential (Also read: ‘Fitness for Europe: This was the #BEACTIVE DAY 2021’).

More information about the campaign

We and the DSSV are happy with everyone Participate in #BEACTIVE! Feel free to use the guide for help and inspiration. You can find it here. Further away Campaign Background can also be found on the #BEACTIVE Germany website.

Feel free to contact the DSSV with your concerns and questions.

Telephone: 040 766 24 00 | E-mail

More about the subject: ‘European Week of Sport at DSSV’ and ‘More fitness for Europe’


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