Drink coffee before breakfast: This is what happens in your body

For many, the cup belongs coffee before breakfast easy to. Especially when the morning is stressful and there is no time to eat, coffee is a great substitute: after all, it wakes you up, gives you the feeling of having something in your stomach and even fills you up for a moment. What most people don’t know is that coffee before breakfast has very specific effects on the body.

Why coffee before breakfast is not a good idea

Coffee before breakfast: should I eat in the morning?

For some it is unimaginable to leave home in the morning without eating. Others just get nothing when they get up. Or they are in favor of intermittent fasting and therefore do not eat in the morning. But how healthy is it really to eat breakfast and Is skipping breakfast really that bad??

British biochemist Prof. Terence Kealey states in his book “Breakfast is a Dangerous Meal” that Eating after getting up often leads to obesity, as it causes the blood sugar level to skyrocket and is therefore bad for our health. Other scientists disagree: People who eat breakfast regularly are supposed to eat healthier.

One thing is certain: it also depends on what you eat. For the most nutritious breakfast possible, choose unprocessed foods as much as possible. Fruits, vegetables, grains, and a source of protein are all good choices. It’s best to try to get your protein from foods like yogurt (with little added sugar), eggs, nuts, seeds, or legumes. A vegetable omelette or porridge and fresh fruit, for example, is a good breakfast.

What happens when you drink coffee before breakfast?

Scientists at the University of Bath have examined like you coffee before breakfast affects our body. And we coffee growers will not like the result.

Because: Coffee before breakfast has an impact on the glucose metabolism. In plain language, this means that caffeine can, in the worst cases, cause insulin resistance and thus type 2 diabetes.

Study examines effects of coffee before breakfast

the study in British Journal of Nutrition was published, it was carried out on 29 subjects. The researchers of the Center for Nutrition, Exercise and Metabolism, How lack of sleep affects insulin levels – with and without coffee on an empty stomach.

that’s how he saw it Attempt outside:

  1. First, the subjects were allowed to sleep late. The next morning they got one high sugar and high calorie drink.
  2. In the second part of the experiment, the participants were woken every hour at night and stayed awake for 5 minutes each. The next morning they got the high-calorie, sugary drink again.
  3. In the third part of the study, the study participants woke up once an hour and stayed awake for 5 minutes each. Before receiving the high-calorie, high-sugar drink the next morning, they were allowed to drink strong black coffee.

After each night, the subjects’ blood sugar level was measured. The result was that sleep disturbances alone had no effect on blood sugar. But in combination with coffee before breakfast. blood glucose levels increased by 50 percent.

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High blood sugar is dangerous

High blood sugar levels make us feel tired and weak. But he can do that too. It increases the risk of many diseases.such as atherosclerosis and stroke.

To stay healthy and fit for as long as possible, our blood sugar level needs to be as low as possible. constant at one level Stay. The easiest way to do this is to avoid sweets and white flour products. And apparently also for a coffee before breakfast, right?

coffee shop

Does that mean: no more coffee before breakfast from now on?

In fact, you also have to do the study. critical regard. Because with 29 participants it is not very significant. Everyone better pay attention to how they react to coffee before breakfast. If you tolerate it well and don’t react with a feeling of weakness or stomach pain, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with a cup of coffee before breakfast.

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