DSSV President Birgit Schwarze attacks 2G plus policy

With the increasingly common 2G plus rule are the default values ​​in a unattainable new standard for companies in the fitness and health industry grown up, DSSV president Birgit Schwarze complains.

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This means first and foremost for both operators and customers significant additional costs. Beside Distance rules, mask requirementaccess controls, mandatory disinfection and Exclusion of unvaccinated members must in most federal states with all Visit from a vaccinated member this a negative rapid test be presented.

which Corona currently rules in your state apply, you can find out in our article ‘Corona rules in the gym’.

Desperate attempt to vaccinate indirectly

A quick corona test currently represents all German citizens once a week for free available. Members themselves would have to pay for more tests: the Increased demand have delivery problems and significant price increases (300-500%) result.

it costs that already companies in crisis it can’t pay and it’s also a burden to customers, Schwarze continues. The result: Fall in demand and no new registrationsremoving renewed growth after a seven-month lockdown.

Satisfied customers cancel: who pays for the damages?

The president of the DSSV is clear: “They are and will continue to be official ordersthat significantly affect the operation of companies and economic job impossible do.”

And: “For many members, the the additional financial and time burden is a reason not to go to the gym anymore.”

In the best case could companies the dating member Conclusion of a rest period agreement convince. However it happens more layoffs (according to DSSV estimates 50% more than usual) of otherwise satisfied customers.

Postponed Long-Term Obligations

Despite the lack of income received fitness and health facilities due to membership structures (standing obligations) in many cases there is no corona help and the issue is only postponed to a later date due to ongoing obligations. (Read more: ‘Update Help Corona’)

New Year’s business threatens to be canceled

The current editions made the Acquisition of new clients almost impossible and it can be assumed that the New Year’s business, which is so important for the fitness industry, will also be completely canceled for the second year in a row due to official orders. Background: in the first room Gyms often close a third of its new registrations each year far.

Health and prevention in the foreground

He goes on to say, “For companies in the fitness industry, the focus is always on the health of their members and the positive influence of sport. The need for measures to contain the pandemic and the population protection is work related of paramount importance to the fitness industry.”

Political decisions would have to be made feasible, sensible and economical Stay. It is very long Vaccination education has been neglected. and vaccination must now be subject to conditions and at the expense of the interested companies be forced not enough help available to deliver.

Birgit Schwarze, President of the DSSV e.V.

Plus: ‘DSSV: We are part of the solution’


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