Exercising at home: these exercises are suitable

  1. You can also do push-ups with your knees on the ground, for example. Or you push off a wall instead of the ground. The more upright you are, the easier the exercise will be. Regardless of which variation you choose, always make sure your elbows are close to your body and your back is in a straight line. Also, squeeze your glutes to protect your lower back.
  2. To make pull-ups easier, it’s a good idea to stretch elastic bands around the pull-up bar and your feet so that the bands take some of the load off of you. Alternatively, you can perform a rowing motion on the pull-up bar, keeping your feet on the ground and pulling your chest toward the bar. Again, the more upright you stand, the easier the exercise will be.
  3. For squats, wall squats, and lunges, go down only as far as you can hold on. Your back should always form a straight line in all three exercises. The bent knees should be on the tips of the toes, that is, without protruding further forward.

Please always make sure that you do not exercise too intensely and that you do not exhaust yourself too much. You should be able to fully control each of the above exercises in every position of the movement and never use momentum. The risk of injury is very high, especially for inexperienced users, since the body is not used to exertion. If you train alone in your own four walls, where no one can rush to help you, you have to take more care of yourself.

How effective are home workouts?

Basically, every workout, no matter how short, is better than not moving at all. Especially if your body is not used to regular and intensive exercise, you can even achieve a significant training effect with such a small workout.

Because for real progress in training, the duration of the training is usually not that important. Much more important is the intensity with which you complete your training. Brief and intense long and listless beats. The time when your workout feels the most strenuous is the time that dictates how much your body will be pushed to adapt.

What good is ten minutes of exercise a day?

Of course, you won’t build huge mountains of muscle with a vigorous workout at home. But what is much more valuable to you in the end is the momentum you develop as a result. Because the inhibition threshold for a little 10-minute workout in your own four walls is much lower than if you have to go to the gym first and then work up a 90-minute sweat there. So with a short workout, the probability that you’ll actually make it increases dramatically.

So you can easily create a habit. Healthy habits like these are the foundation for a healthy body and long-term mental health.

You will only build a fit and healthy body if you repeat your training regularly and continue to stimulate the growth of your muscles. So if exercising at home and keeping it short helps you develop this habit, then this type of exercise is probably for you.

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