Expert Reveals Top 3 Tips For Curvy Women

Many who have a little more hips sometimes do not dare to go to a gym. Or they are afraid of unpleasant comments on the street when you go for a run, for example. Sometimes they don’t even know how to start: Are there sports that are not suitable for overweight people? What should curvy women pay attention to when working out? And is body fat bad per se? We spoke with movement therapist Arlow Pieniak. The personal trainer and owner of Work It Training provides important advice and tips.

Fitness 2022: The best tips for curvy women, according to the experts

1. Understand the difference between sport and training

The good news first: the world of sports is also open to curvy women. Whether it’s swimming, cycling, boxing, or jogging, with the right restrictions and precautionary measures, almost all sports are possible without a problem, according to expert Arlow Pieniak. However, an overweight person must ask himself why he practices this sport. Lose weight? Not a good idea according to Pienak. After:

Sport does not systematically lead to fat loss. If so, then just by chance. The situation is different with “training”, which is a term that is incorrectly used as a synonym for “sport”. Training can systematically lead to a reduction in body fat. But it has the downside that it’s not as fun as sports.

2. Pay attention to individual pain points

There are no dos and don’ts that generally apply to curvy women who train. Who should pay attention to what during sports always depends on the person and his individual “construction works”. Weight is initially irrelevant. For example, people with weak backs should take care of their backs and people with weak knees should take care of their knees, according to the expert.

Namely: There are hardly any restrictions for overweight people in training. Arlow Pieniak simply emphasizes:

For starters, forms of training that involve a lot of jumping are certainly more difficult for heavier people. But after a few weeks of systematic training, there is no longer a difference between being overweight or not.

3. Maintain a healthy relationship with your body fat

Our society tends to demonize body fat. The body needs fat to survive. Statistically, too much fat is associated with certain diseases, Pieniak said. If a person then changes her lifestyle, she usually loses body fat as well. Nevertheless:

But these are things that are practically independent of each other. Fat is not an indicator of health, performance and does not allow conclusions to be drawn about any character traits.

In particular, the fallacy “leaner is better, healthier and more efficient” is fatal according to the expert:

Thinner is not healthier, healthier is healthier. All significant markers of health are independent of body fat. Thinner is not more powerful, that can be seen in competitive athletes who have to be very thin for their sport. Once the competition/weigh-in is over, the athletes immediately gain several kilos. Because with more weight and more fat mass, they are more efficient and regenerate better.

In the video: Tips to get back to it – How to start again after a break from sports


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