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Partner offer with FOCUS Online: 48-hour sale: discover fitness accessories with a discount of up to 70 percent

Thursday, 05/19/2022, 00:00

Finally! The temperatures rise, the days are longer again and the feeling of happiness increases noticeably: summer is coming! But after the last few weeks in the home office and lack of daily exercise, many of us probably don’t feel ready for the beach or outdoor pool and really feel the little movement in our bones. But don’t worry, our partner Fit for Fun is there for you and is kicking off the biggest sale of the year for 48 hours: Up to 70 percent off the entire range!

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It’s no secret that you can hardly achieve big physical changes in a few days, but if you want to get in better shape, do something good for your health and at the same time achieve the figure of your dreams, it’s probably never too late.

Tools like fitness bands, plank pads or sling trainers add fun and variety to your workout and also increase the effectiveness of the workout. Everyone Suitable for fun fitness tools. They’re also easy to take with you to the garden or park, so you can easily exercise outdoors instead of sweating it out in a crowded gym or stuffy room. So you won’t miss a ray of sunshine and you’re guaranteed to get much closer to your goals!

In this article we present you six featured Fit for Fun products In front. The big summer sale is just underway 48 hours duration and it is the biggest Fit for Fun sale of the year – so don’t waste your time and browse through the various offers now:

At a glance: Huge discounts on the Fit for Fun range

Suitable for Fun Plank Pad (- 47 percent)

69 euros €129.00

The Plankpad combines the most effective of all full-body exercises with challenging games and challenges in one free app for your smartphone, tablet, or TV. Arms, shoulders, back, abs, glutes, and legs: With planks, all muscle groups are actually used at the same time and are trained very efficiently. Get fit in no time!

Fitness bands in a set of 3 (-48 percent)

€18.00 €34.90

With the fitness bands you can add more resistance to classic bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges or the glute bridge and thus increase training intensity and muscle growth. With the resistance bands you get a handy storage bag and a booklet with instructions and exercises for free. Hardly any training tool is so simple and at the same time so effective and versatile!

Eco-friendly yoga mat (-57 percent)

€15.00 €34.90

Whether it’s yoga, pilates, strength training, or sweaty HIIT workouts, this non-slip exercise mat is the ideal base for any sporting activity! Despite its low thickness, it is super comfortable and can be rolled up, stored or transported to save space. For the sake of the environment, it is made of eco-friendly TPE and is free of latex, PVC and chlorides.

Sling Trainer (-68 percent)

€19.00 €59.00

Sling training is a highly effective full body workout that uses only your own body weight as training resistance to effectively build muscle and increase fat burning. Simply attach it to a sturdy object inside or outside and get started. We promise you: You will immediately feel the increased training intensity thanks to the suspension trainer!

Meal prep cans (-37 percent)

€24.95 €39.90

High-quality glass food storage containers are an absolute must-have in your kitchen! They are airtight and leak proof and are oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. Whether you’re saving leftovers from the barbecue party, bringing delicious sandwiches to a picnic in the park, or want to save valuable time pre-cooking, meal prep tins are your faithful daily companion in summer!

Fit for Fun Blackroll (-30 percent)

€24.50 €41.64

Fascia rolls are very suitable for people who want to improve their mobility and specifically treat painful muscle tightening. Rollers are a proven tool for self-massaging the fascia: fascia is the connective tissue of our muscles, tendons, and ligaments. If these are stuck together or hardened, this can cause very painful strain on the back, neck or legs, for example. With Fit for Fun Blackroll, you can use your own body weight to specifically work on this tension and adjust the pressure and intensity individually. This will also improve blood circulation and prevent further injury!

Well, was there something for you?

It’s up to you – get great fitness tools at the absolute best price and close out the summer yours Summer! Here we go!

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