Fitness all-rounder: the different resistance bands from Stryve

Fitness bands are true all-rounders, as you can not only train individual muscles with them, but also optimally warm up and use the bands for physiotherapy purposes.

Just as effective, but less bulky than heavy dumbbells, fitness bands can be easily transported in a small bag to save space. Therefore, they are ready to use at any time, for example, when traveling.

Of course, you can also keep them in your gym bag and take them with you to the gym as a complement to training with equipment.

That’s why fitness bands are an absolute must.

No matter what muscles you want to train: create fitness bands new training stimuli and thus promote it effectively muscle development. Resistance bands can also be used for gentle stretch for the joints to be used.

3 variants of fitness bands at a glance

What all versions have in common:

  • Dimensions: 4 different intensities // Powerbands: 3 intensities
  • Material: 100% natural latex
  • Scope of delivery: 4 fitness bands // power bands: 3 bands
  • Free: breathable carry bag

Fitness band set of 4

With Stryve fitness bands in four different lengths You can design your muscle training individually and target the desired muscle groups with specific resistance exercises. Depending on the training goal and muscle group, use a different band. So you can define your body effectively even without gym equipment.

With the Stryve mini bands or resistance loops you can achieve, above all, by the legs and buttocks targeted training effects. The loops are particularly suitable as reinforcements for exercises such as glute bridges, squats or lunges.

Highlight: With the resistance bands you add more resistance to classic bodyweight exercises and make them even more efficient. This creates new training stimuli and promotes muscle growth.

The bands are tear resistant and therefore can withstand any exercise, no matter how demanding.

The Stryve Power Band Set contains three different length fitness bands. So you can individually supplement your muscle training on machines and dumbbells. the lightest band simulates a weight from two to five kilograms, the heaviest band up to 12.5 kilograms. Perfect for all fitness levels!

In addition to strength exercises, you can also use power bands to extension use.

Possibilities of use of the fitness bands

With the fitness bands you can target any muscle group, be it back, abdominal, leg or arm muscles. The fitness tool is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. An excellent training replacement device for anyone who prefers to train at home rather than in the gym.

You should pay attention to this when you train.

As with all aids used for training exercises, it is also important when using fitness bands to thoroughly deal with the correct handling beforehand. Therefore, when training with the bands, make sure that the tension in your body is always stable.

Ideally, find a trainer or watch videos that show you how to use fitness bands correctly.

It also makes sense to choose the strength of a band based on your personal training level. Therefore, it is recommended as a beginner not to start directly with the strongest band, but to increase the strength of the band as the level increases and thus increase it slowly.

purchase advice

Quality: Before buying a fitness band, it is advisable to obtain detailed information about the materials and compare different suppliers. Depending on the quality of the materials used, the tape can leave an unpleasant odor on the skin and, in the worst case, even tear. When selecting fitness bands, we pay attention to the highest quality. The gymnastics bands are made from 100% natural latex. This creates a skin-friendly and extremely durable product that can withstand any workout.

Length: When choosing the right fitness band, it’s also important to choose the right size for your own body. Please note that the strap is at least as long as your height. Basically, you can orient yourself to the fact that a fitness band is better too long than too short: you can manually shorten it as needed during your workout.

Strength: For beginners, it is advisable to first buy bands that are not too tight and do not require too much effort. However, by properly clamping the length of the exercise band, you can also ensure effective resistance with looser bands. Over time, you can also get tighter ligaments and gradually intensify your training. Therefore, in the Stryve sets you will find three to four different bands with which you can easily adjust the resistance.

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