Fitness and gym operations at ATSV Tirschenreuth fully active again

After a long break from Corona, the members of the gymnastics department of ATSV Tirschenreuth gathered for a general meeting in the football club house. According to the agenda, among other things, a new election and honors were on the agenda. “With 350 members, gymnastics is the second largest division at ATSV Tirschenreuth,” reported department head Anneliese Kühn.

In father-son gymnastics, tumbling people, men’s gymnastics, competition groups and gymnastics in general, about 500 hours of practice are put together a year, without any sport being possible in 2020. In addition, there is the fitness program on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, which is very well received, as well as Nordic walking on Fridays and Saturdays with 220 hours.

In 2019 we were able to successfully participate in competitions in Amberg and at the children’s gymnastics festival in Erbendorf. At the request of Heinrich Bayreuther, athletics was reinstated in the ATSV and temporarily integrated into the gymnastics division. In 2021, athletics successfully started self-employment with Christian Wotruba. Until this time they were supported both financially and materially by the gymnastics division.

New deputy of the department

After activities could not be carried out in 2020, the children’s gym lessons and fitness program started again in 2021. The gym and fitness operations have been fully activated again since 2022. After the cash report, the new election, which was led by the president of ATSV, Jürgen Steinhauser. Anneliese Kühn was re-elected as head of department. Melanie Gmeiner is new to the office as an associate and PR and organizing consultant along with Claudia Beer. Treasurer Petra Schmidkonz is also new to the team. Karin Klebl is still the secretary. Anton Frötschl was confirmed as cash auditor and Lothar Wolfrum was recently appointed.

Need for discussion due to the gym.

As part of his greeting, Steinhauser announced that it would still be necessary to discuss the renovation of the gym next year, since the gym at the Stiftland-Gymnasium can only be used until the end of March 2023. Older members were then honored. For 20 years of membership: Brigitte Bauer, Eva-Philomena Brückner, Sieglinde Frank, Anton Frötschl, Ursula Höfer-Lehner, Elisabeth Konrad, Annerose Kraus, Gerlinde Kumeth, Johanna Meyer, Heidi Müller, Rita Schmidkonz, and Lothar Wolfrum. For 25 years of membership: Heiko Frötschl and Carina Ulrich. For 30 years of membership: Ernst Fischer, Petra Klebl-Denk and Agnes Sollmann. For 40 years of membership: Melanie Gmeiner, Silvia Gruber, Karin Klebl, Rosi Kopf, Mathilde Richtmann, Maria-Luise Zant. For 50 years of membership: Lydia Kiermaier, Marianne Mehler, Paula Nagler, Elvira Wystrichowski. For 60 years of membership: Brigitte Fischer, Maria Haas, Gerlinde Lindner.

Grazyna Weihrauch was fired as treasurer, as was Mario Franz as treasurer. Maria Haas, Brigitte Fischer and Ernst Fischer have retired from active gymnastics and said their goodbyes.


Gymnastics division at ATSV Tirschenreuth

  • Members: 350 (second largest division in the ATSV)
  • Department Head: Anneliese Kuehn
  • Offers: Parent-child gymnastics, folk tumbling, children’s gymnastics, competition group, gymnastics, fitness program, Nordic walking


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