Fitness and health: A future market with perspectives

In its analysis of the current business cycle, the German Economic Institute (IW) has more than 3,000 German companies from different branches of the economy to yours economic situation and the Forecasts for the next working months disputed

While industry and construction are relatively pessimistic about the future given the latest developments (corona pandemic, war in Ukraine), the Opportunities for the service sector remain good.

Course of growth in the service sector

In the service sector, optimists have almost 50 percent advantage and wait after the end of the corona restrictions much better deals. The vast majority even count increase investments Y increase employment.

New jobs and investments

This is how many service companies want theirs offset investments that have been postponed in a timely manner and again hire more staff.

“The optimistic production expectations of companies in Germany in general they do not indicate a crisis of employment and investment“, says IW economics expert Michael Grömling.

New opportunities for the fitness and health industry

In particular, health and fitness service providers may increased health awareness and one high need for prevention benefit.

That was as optimistic as the most recent poll results. commentary after FIBO 2022.

The organizers, the device manufacturers and the international specialist public drew an always positive conclusion after the leading trade fair and looked back positive towards the future despite the pandemic. More information: ‘Health is wealth: fitness as a guarantee of health in the return of FIBO’.

Increased demand on job portals

Forthe difficult Corona years 2020/2021, many fitness and health companies are now looking for qualified new employees Y wants to make important new appointments.

The job exchange ‘’ and the Career Service of the DHfPG registered one here in recent weeks. significantly increase demand. become like this qualified trainers as well as dual studentsit is urgently needed in many places.

The ‘German Fitness Industry Key Data 2022’ underlines that fitness and health studios with their quality service offerings and hers well-trained specialist staff for public health one important key role take.

Attractive jobs in the industry of the future

This key role will be continue gaining relevance and create in the long term diverse career prospects Y attractive advancement opportunities within the fitness, prevention and health industries.

Why the future belongs to professional health and fitness service providersexplains DSSV President Birgit Schwarze in her comment ‘Now look positively into the future!’.


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