Fitness as active health care

As an education and research partner of the DSSV e. V.- The employers’ association of German health and fitness facilities, the German University for Health Prevention and Management (DHfPG) prepared the second scientific article in October 2021. The results were presented to the health committee and received with great interest. Monika Bachmann (CDU), Minister of Health of Saarland, paid tribute to the fitness industry and its good infrastructure to keep the population healthy.

DSSV and DHfPG in the name of health

In the second document, the Health relevance of regular physical training in the context of the corona pandemic examined. explained why Fitness and health facilities as key players in the fight against the pandemic they will be classified.

While the decisions made by politicians to contain the pandemic are fundamentally understandable to prevent the virus from spreading exponentially as much as possible, it should not be forgotten that the Restrictions and closures of public and social life are associated with negative consequences for the health of the population are.

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Therefore it must in addition to measures to contain the spread of infection definitely too Measures to prevent mental and physical harm to health as part of a future pandemic control strategy Will.

In addition, it is necessary that a physical training in health and fitness facilities is no longer classified as a mere leisure activity becomes rather should than Element in a public health strategy during the crisis plus firmly anchored in political action strategies Will.

The Minister of Health emphasizes the health mandate of the fitness and health industry

With reference to the statements made so far, the German University for Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) and the DSSV e. V. – German Fitness and Health Facility Employers Association in October 2021 Demands to Ms. Monika Bachmann, Minister of Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family of the SaarlandOn behalf of all policy makers:

  • The fitness and health industry needs politically recognized as a major health care provider Y actively involved in the strategy to overcome the Corona crisis of the federal and state governments and beyond keep the population healthy Will.
  • Fitness and health facilities fill you up. essential task for the health care of the population. Therefore, they should also be classified as those facilities that, in the event that restrictive measures are required prioritized to keep open are and the not equated with leisure facilities maybe.
  • A overall closure sports and health facilities should be avoided in the future and a physical training for health promotion and disease prevention essential for the population be easily accessible at any time. If restrictive measures are absolutely necessary, physical training must be possible as a necessary health service in compliance with safety and hygiene regulations.
  • Even beyond the Corona crisis, the Promotion of exercise in the form of physical preparation as a central strategy to improve the health situation recognized by the population and stronger than before political and health care structures to be included.
  • Due to the closures ordered by the authorities Economic lossesbut also with a view to important health benefits of physical exercise of the population expects the fitness and health industry political support. For example, a campaign at the political level can help make it easier for the population to access regular physical training.

already had in the past Health Minister Monika Bachmann the The health mission of the health and fitness industry is recognized and yourself regularly exchanged with industry representatives. The prevention and health infrastructure, which is already good in Saarland, must also be expanded on a national level.

DSSV will work tirelessly for you and the industry, you can count on that!

Your Florian Kundgen

About the Author

Florian Kundgen is deputy general manager of DSSV e. V. he also serves as a professor at the German University for Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG). As a freelancer, he works in the field of company valuation and profitability calculations for fitness and health facilities, as well as in the field of tax and business consulting.

The DHfPG, the BSA Academy and the DSSV e. V. We have created a landing page for you about the importance of the health and fitness industry as a provider of health services. It will arrive there next to the Evaluation of studies and videos on the importance of physical training also more material to download (including various infographics) that you can use to help the requirement that is so important to our industry redistribute and support for.


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