Fitness Brammer: fitness for everyone!

Physiotherapist Michael Brammer’s new gym impresses with a special concept: Members are not only looked after by fitness trainers, but also by physiotherapists. Also, fitness trainers are specially trained. He will find the gym in Glinde, near Oststeinbek and Willinghusen.

The fitness offer

The range of fitness options at FITNESS BRAMMER is diverse. Due to the large selection of different state-of-the-art training equipment Get your money’s worth during training, regardless of whether you want to improve your endurance or muscular strength. Of course, both are possible at the same time: it works with one innovative training circuit. It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or a retiree: at FITNESS BRAMMER there is something for everyone!

A special highlight at the gym near Stemwarde: the EMS training. With EMS training (abbreviation of electrical muscle stimulation). individual muscle groups they are claimed separately, so training can be very specific. This works with an EMS suit, which emits electrical impulses during training and thus puts additional pressure on the muscles. So you can for example problem areas, such as the stomach and waist, be trained very effectively. These are difficult to achieve with normal strength training.

Support from trainers and physiotherapists.

But the biggest advantage of FITNESS BRAMMER lies elsewhere: the innovative concept, in which not only trainers but also physiotherapists accompany the training, ensures a especially gentle and effective training. This is because physical therapists have a deeper understanding and knowledge of the anatomy of the human body and how muscles move. The trainers at FITNESS BRAMMER are also trained in exactly these things. So make sure you do the exercises execute correctly and use the equipment correctly. So reduces the risk of training-related injuries and strong complaints. In addition, the muscles are optimally stressed and stimulated, which leads to faster and better training results Guides.

Another advantage of this concept is that a physical therapist can be immediately available for advice should a movement feel strange or painful. the physical therapy practice is in the same building.


Membership with FITNESS BRAMMER includes an extensive initial verification, in which your current fitness level and a host of other factors are verified. FITNESS BRAMMER also uses a for this control Analysis balances and column scanner. Based on the results of this initial check, an individual training plan is created that is tailored to your needs needs, goals and desires is paired. Of course, possible physical limitations are also taken into account when creating the training plan. Just talk to the trainers and physiotherapists, they will be happy to advise you and adapt the plan to your medical history. Training plans are underway regular fitness checks naturally adapted to your training progress.

FITNESS BRAMMER membership is very simple without unnecessary contractual commitments and can be canceled monthly. There are reduced prices for couples, students and seniors. To find out if the new gym in Glinde is something for you, you can try one hour for free. Alternatively, you can try a full month for a very low price. By the way: if you recruit a member, you will receive a month of training free of charge.

Do you have any questions or would you like to arrange a trial session? You can get to the gym in Glinde by phone: 040 / 711 426 50 either by email: [email protected] You are also welcome to visit the website for more information:

By the way: The FITNESS BRAMMER premises near Schönningstedt and Oststeinbek are equipped with air filters that always guarantee clean and fresh air. There are also self-cleaning sheets on the devices, so you don’t have to worry about bacteria and viruses.

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