Fitness course opens in Königsberg

UELZEN. New splendor in Königsberg in Uelzen: The public fitness course will officially open on Sunday, May 22 at 2:30 p.m. The meeting point is the first station in the green area near the bridge in Badue. Large and small Hanseatic citizens are cordially invited to extensively test the new outdoor offer. Trainers, clubs and fitness studios from the region take care of the individual stations and show how to train with the equipment.

The calisthenics facility is one of the new equipment in the fitness course.

“The fitness course is an experience for all generations. There are countless ways to exercise. I am happy when many interested people pass by here. Feel free to put on your sportswear!” Mayor Jürgen Markwardt urges the residents of Uelzen. Anyone who diligently tests the stations will be rewarded with a €5 city bonus. Only while supplies last, of course. Free fruit, water and muesli bars are available for refreshment near the calisthenics facilities in the meadow orchard. The opening ceremony is scheduled to last until around 5:00 p.m., so that visitors have enough time to see the course and also to train.

The old way to keep fit was showing its age. At the initiative of the two trainers Tanja Rochford and Paul Mandelkow from Uelzen, the fitness course in the local Uelzen recreation area in Königsberg was modernized and expanded. “We think it’s great that we listened to our ideas and that the city administration implemented them so well,” say the two initiators.

There are now 25 stations along the 2.5 kilometer trail. Several of them have been newly equipped or supplemented with training equipment, such as a climbing roof, a balance ladder, calisthenics facilities with fitness equipment, and a large balance Mikado, which is expected to be delivered and installed. in June. Devices can be combined along the entire route: all components of fitness are addressed, from warm-up, endurance and strength to speed and coordination to stretching, allowing for a holistic workout. The Hanseatic city has invested around 95,000 euros.

The opening is kindly supported by Rewe Markt Uelzen.

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Photo: (Hanseatic City of Uelzen)

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