Fitness Experts: Focus on These 2 Training Elements

Be it muscular, strong and well-trained or lean, agile and durable: many amateur athletes still have the prejudice that you can only specialize in one type of training and optimize your body accordingly: strength or endurance. An expert now explains that this is complete nonsense and shows that you should focus on both elements of training. The result is called hybrid training.

What is hybrid training?

Strength training makes you slow and resistance training makes your muscles shrink, according to many. Hybrid training aims to debunk this myth. By doing so, it will Focus on both muscle development and resistance training. stuck. The goal is a ripped, athletic body that is also durable and powerful.

Woman trains with heavy ropes
As a beginner, you should definitely combine strength and resistance training. Photo: IMAGO / westend61

Hybrid athlete Frank-Holger Acker is familiar with this topic. He’s marathon runner and successful bodybuilder and writes in his book “Hybridathlete: The Symbiosis of Strength and Endurance Training” 🛒 about his positive experiences with hybrid training.

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According to him, hybrid training connects the Benefits of resistance and weight training. “Strength training is a great way to shape my body to feel comfortable,” she explains. Achilles Run Podcast. “And the best thing about running for me is that I like to move and I use running to not only do something for me physically, but also mentally.”

Cardio and Strength: Can you train both at the same time?

Track strength and endurance training different goals. While muscle training aims to improve maximal strength and build muscle mass, resistance training aims to improve maximal oxygen uptake and thus optimize the functions of the cardiovascular system.

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Why do many strength athletes avoid resistance training and why do runners avoid building muscle? Under certain circumstances it can negative interactions, the so-called interference effect, occurs when both forms of training are combined. Therefore, both force accumulation and endurance development can be inhibited.

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Who is hybrid training suitable for?

But hybrid training can work. Especially for beginners, it makes sense to focus on both elements of training: cardio and strength. The reason: Even small stress stimuli are enough to achieve muscle growth or an improvement in your condition. A k is recommendedCombined strength training and subsequent resistance training.

The situation is different for advanced and professional users. They, too, can reap the benefits of hybrid training, but must use the individual training elements. perform on different days And just like beginners, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to regenerate.

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