Fitness First and Berlin tech startup offer personal trainers a new digital platform

Personal training in a digital context: Fitness First has gone live with a new platform for personal trainers. Furthermore, they can now offer their services via live streaming and manage them themselves. In this way, trainers should gain more visibility and flexibility. Also: image gallery.

Launch of a new digital platform for personal trainers

The most important facts in summary:

  • In response to the corona-related increase Trend towards digitization in the fitness industry Fitness First and Berlin tech start-up zezam are launching one together digital platform for personal trainers.
  • Fitness chain loves trainers, according to CEO Johannes Maßen more visibility help and them more design options Offer.
  • zezam founder Niklas Schwake and his team have one for this. “Easy to use all-in-one software” developed.
  • With the launch of the platform, Fitness First intends Hire 500 new personal trainers.
  • After the conclusion of a new cooperation agreement, you will receive the first three months for free.

Here we go! Background and detailed information:

Due to the corona pandemic, the The fitness industry has changed drastically. Especially for personal trainers it is one digital presence become necessary. to give them the chance Individual and group digital training, studio workshops, outdoor training and much more, Fitness First has now launched a digital platform.

Personal trainers can, among other things prices and discounts prominently advertise your Availability make digitally visible at any time, Reservations 24/7 receive and Payments automate your customers.

The platform was developed by the Berlin technology start-up zezam Software solutions for trainers, fitness and yoga studios it is specialized.

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Fitness First reacts in this way to the increase in demand caused by the coronavirus pandemic Change in training habits of its members and evolves from a pure Study without connection to omnichannel platform.

Digitization: Corona amplifies trend

After the reopening of the fitness studios in June 2021, a new Fitness First app was also launched. This offers members along with course reservations Y digital training plans also the possibility of Manage membership digitally.

The corona pandemic has digitization stationary fitness studios driven. Training routines have changed forever. Personal trainers have gained prominence along with digital offerings from studios.

“To be successful in the market in the future, studios must ensure a seamless integration of attractive online and offline offerings.”

Johannes Maßen, CEO Fitness First Germany

Johannes Maßen continues: “We support our members in organizing and aligning their training in a simple and flexible way according to their needs, and we pay for ours. mission a, to motivate people.”

Because many of them had to do it during the study closures your services from home by Live stream or as outdoor training to offer; so they have become a center motivation factor for athletes established.

“A strong Collaboration with personal trainers it is indispensable for us, because it is an important reason for many of our members to train regularly. And that should be yours in the future. be possible from anywhere – on site in our clubs, outdoors in the park or from home and on the go via live streaming,” explains the CEO of Fitness First Germany.

“We can only deliver on this promise if we equip personal trainers with the best technical tools and welcome the digitization of the fitness industry with open arms.”

Johannes Maßen, CEO Fitness First Germany

“For all of us List personal trainers directly on our website through a central platformnot only do we give them more visibility, but we also give them more design options to drive their business.”

Image gallery personal training

As a result, personal trainers are becoming much more of a focus for clubs. Until now, they have had little visibility online. Contact with clients was almost exclusively in the studio and involved many manual processes Appointment scheduling, communication and payment processing.

All-in-one digital tool for trainers

With the new software that Fitness First makes available to all personal trainers, they can now become ‘entrepreneurs within the company’ more effectively than before and its range of personal training and group lessons, both on-site and via live streaming, easy digitally manage and optimize. This is positioned Fitness First in Europe as a digital pioneer.

For personal trainers, the platform model represents a better preparation for the future of the fitness industry Many of them had to fear for their existence during the pandemic and completely reposition.

Those who successfully overcame the crisis became small entrepreneurs and at the same time full talent: It was about creating live streaming courses, filming trainings, acquire customers virtually and train with them, or build your own website. uncountable Applications and technical knowledge were in demand.

“While gyms and trainers were left unattended during the crisis, we are focused on technical solutions to successfully accompany them through the pandemic and prepare them for when studios reopen.”

Nicholas Schwake, founder of zezam

One central platform: many possibilities

Niklas Schwake adds: “We have one easy-to-use all-in-one software Developed with personal trainers and studies. all functions in one place can join together to create one successful business in all channels to build, in person, via live streaming and on-demand.”

And more: “Our platform-as-a-service model allows studios to integrate all the functionality of our software directly into their existing website. This allows trainers and studios seamlessly adapt to changing customer needs post-COVID19“.

Respond quickly and flexibly to customer needs

Superfluous work steps and processes are eliminated and coach bookings are increasing. “By letting coaches manage their offer themselves and get another advertising platform, they can react quickly to trends and scale much easier. Coaches can do that. more engaging customer experience create and Fitness First benefits from new members,” says Schwake.

Through the platform approach, Fitness First Brand experience beyond the clubs and complemented with new offline and online services. so you can even better motivated members Y new customers easier also through personal trainers be won.

Also non members you can book personal training through the platform and that Try the training experience at the exclusive clubs once.

More motivation thanks to the ‘real’ community

“We strongly believe that fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, members and Fitness First will benefit from this platform as it connect different groupsSimplified processes and for more flexibility offers,” says Johannes Maßen.

And beyond: “The more people we use it motivate to exercise you can benefit even more from our Fitness First Studios, which are equipped with first-class equipment, modern equipment and a ‘royal’ community assert itself even in times of digitization”.

Wanted 500 new personal trainers

As part of the platform launch, Fitness First Hire 500 new personal trainers. As an offer to get started with Fitness First, new personal trainers receive it upon conclusion of a cooperation agreement. these for up to three months free of charge. Here you can apply directly.


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