Fitness: Lena and Timo Rösel-Gartler lead Topstyle into the future

In 1985 Andrea and Erwin Rösel-Gartler started their own business with Topstyle in Leibnitz. Now follows the young man. Lena and Timo Rösel-Gartler officially took over the family business on April 1, 2022.

LEIBNITZ. more than 30 years ago, in 1985, Andrea and Erwin Rösel-Gartler dared he made the leap to self-employment and opened Topstyle at Leibnitz’s Augasse. Decades have passed since then, but company owners Andrea and Erwin Rösel-Gartler have never lost their passion and joy in teaching movement and sport for our well-being, even in difficult times. Rather, the most important “inventory” has been loyal customers from the beginning, and the offspring have also been successfully infected with the “exercise virus.”

Sports genes: Lena (left) and Timo right) officially took over the family business from Andrea and Erwin Rösel-Gartler on April 1.

The young are in control

The prevailing corona pandemic has put a lot of demands on gyms in the region. However, Andrea and Erwin Rösel-Gartler look to the future with optimism and are glad that their two children, Lena and Timo, follow. The offspring officially took over April 1 the family business.

Topstyle's new bosses: Lena and Timo Rösel-Gartler

Erwin Rösel-Gartler can now enjoy his well-deserved retirement, the experienced and passionate fitness trainer is the “caretaker”, of course you can still find him in style and on long walks in the region. After all, sport is part of everyday life like coffee is part of breakfast. Beauty expert Andrea remains concerned about the well-being of clients worked hard: “I love my job and I enjoy going to work every day.”

I grew up in the gym

The young bosses Lena and Timo Rösel-Gartler know top style since childhood and are happy to be able to continue the working life of their parents. The areas of responsibility are optimally divided: Timo is responsible for the fitness area responsible and Lena takes care of the The women’s area, the nutrition area (food and lifestyle) and enrollment (solarium, body treatments, etc.).

The new owners want to tackle the project together.

As usual in a family business, everyone can do anything. But the young generation leaves nothing to chance and has prepared intensively for new tasks in order to be able to meet all challenges in the best possible way. In 2013, Lena began an apprenticeship as a fitness trainer at her parents’ company. and graduated after Apprenticeship Successfully Completed English/American Studies (Bachelor’s Degree).

“I am going back to my roots, because our company means a lot to me,” says the company’s young boss. brothers Timo was since 2013 also already lightly employed in the company: In the meantime, you have the Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics in the stock market and is about to graduate with a master’s degree. He too Fitness Instructor Education has graduated. “We are very grateful and happy that we can continue to be there for our customers. The company is our home,” Lena and Timo Rösel-Gartler say in unison.

The corona pandemic was used for renovation work and innovations:

The TopStyle shines with new splendor

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