Fitness studio Hasberger competes again in the Fitness Bundesliga

The current Bundesliga team at WarehouseGym / Photo: WarehouseGym

The Fitness Bundesliga has been around since 2018, and 182 functional training studios across the country now participate in the championships. The WarehouseGym is once again sending a team into the race for this year’s German championship.

Functional training focuses on the entire physical form. “Strength is just as important as endurance and flexibility,” says Trainer miguel noachk Sure. The trained sports and fitness employee is now a full-time fitness coach at WarehouseGym and accompanies the Bundesliga team. “Our athletes come from a wide variety of sports: footballers, soccer players and strength athletes train here,” explains the 35-year-old. He himself comes from archery and fell in love with the concept of functional training from his family background. “Everyone here knows everyone. We are like one big family,” Noack says, emphasizing his passion.

Preparations for the new season are underway

A season in the Fitness Bundesliga is divided into four phases, explains Noack. First of all, the top 50 teams qualify directly for the 1st Bundesliga in so-called box battles. The remaining 132 studios then fight in the 2nd Bundesliga for further promotion. The top 16 teams in the second division are promoted to the first division. In the third phase, these 66 teams will fight to enter the playoffs. In the final phase of the season, the 16 best-ranked studios from all over Germany duel for the championship. “Like last year, we are playing in the 2nd Bundesliga. But I see good chances to get involved in the top league again this season,” says Noack, explaining the goal for the season. December 11 is the day of the Hasbergener Box for promotion. The team trains three times a week for this, in addition to individual training.

Preparations for the new Bundesliga season are in full swing.  /Photo: Gym Warehouse
Preparations for the new Bundesliga season are in full swing. / Photo: Warehouse Gym

On these match days, as the competition days are called, the teams, each made up of four women and four men, have to carry out four different functional training sessions. For the number of repetitions dominated or times achieved in the various disciplines, there are points that allow a comparison between the individual groups. “He really gets down to business,” he explains. Christian Muller enthusiastic. The 42-year-old trained salesman was part of the WarehouseGym Bundesliga team last year. He trains at least four times a week for this, other team members are there more often. Müller played football for more than three decades and was doing weight training at the same time. When he first came to functional fitness, he was immediately hooked: “For me, the best thing about sport is that you test your limits every day, you work as a team and you support each other.”

Anyone who wants to try functional training for themselves is welcome. “Age and fitness level don’t matter,” Noack motivates. More information is available here.

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