Fitness trainers advise against this popular exercise

For several years now, numerous sports programs and exercise videos have always featured a particular exercise. Planks, also known as forearm racks, are intended to use every muscle in your entire body and are therefore a good basic exercise for everyone. Why are fitness trainers now for the planks advise against, we will show you in this article.

Planks: why you shouldn’t do this exercise:

Planks are a popular core exercise

The plank, or plank, is a common exercise. For years he could not miss any training. To this day, it is said of exercise that everyone Trained muscles throughout the body. and thus also increases the possibility of visible abdominal muscles.

Planking is also said to relieve back pain. After all, exercise also trains lower back muscles and stabilizes them. If you do planks regularly and include them in your workouts, you should have good posture and no back pain or other physical discomfort.

In this case, planks are not the right exercise for you.

However, some fitness trainers now advise against incorporating more planks into your workouts. They usually argue that the plank just isn’t the best exercise to do. train core muscles. That also shows youtuber and physical trainer Coach Stef in one of his videos.

Youtube videos

The core muscles extend across the entire middle of the body. It includes, for example, the abdominal muscles, the muscles of the back and the lower back or simply also hip flexors and extensors. The task of the core muscles is to support and stabilize the spine. The stronger the muscles in the middle of the body, the better the spine is stabilized.

Ultimately, this ensures that your entire body center is stabilized and therefore yourself improve your posture and you can even prevent back pain. Regular basic training pays off.

Dynamic woman plank
If you combine planks with dynamic movements, they are still a good exercise. Photo: imago images/Westend61

However, according to trainer Stef, for these core muscles to become stronger, it’s not enough to simply tense them, as is the case with planks, for example. He recommends, instead of such a static exercise, rather a dynamic exercisewhere you also have to hold on.

So you need more movement or some kind of counterbalance. He recommends planks, for example, where you still move around a bit. You can do that for example a table variation which not only stands rigidly, but still moves back and forth or alternately raises its hands in the air.

How long do you have to hold planks?

Conclusion: planks are still a good basic exercise

While the plank is certainly not the most effective exercise for core strength, it is still a good workout, which fulfill their purpose mainly in the field of rehabilitation. The plank can also be used as a starting position for subsequent exercises or as an active rest.

The only important thing is that you do it correctly and don’t slip too much and hollow your back. This could do more harm than good to your back and mid-body muscles.

Otherwise, in addition to the plank, you should also include other exercises in your training that strengthen your core muscles. Because this is the only way to protect and strengthen your spine, improve your posture and also prevent back pain. I wish you success!

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