Fitness trends 2022: Expert reveals details in interview

From home workouts to outdoor activities and quantified movements, fitness teacher Dr. In an interview with FITBOOK, Stephan Geisler talks about the biggest fitness trends for 2022.

The turn of the year plays an important role when it comes to being fit. Many people are looking forward to getting back to their exercise routine after the cozy vacation. The New Year is also a popular occasion for those who were previously idle to finally put good resolutions into action. Sports scientist Prof. Dr. Stephan Geisler reveals which fitness trends will play a major role in 2022.

FITBOOK: Prof. Geisler, let’s get straight to the point: What do you think are the most important fitness trends for 2022?
Prof Dr Odle: “I don’t find the question easy to answer, because if I were just to express my personal assessment, the answer would of course be quite subjective. There are several surveys every year, even around the world, that try to forecast fitness trends. The American College The Sports Medicine Institute, which publishes a report every year, is a leader in this area. As an ACSM member, I was involved myself, and of course I can still talk a bit about my inner workings.”

Is there a big trend?
“In my opinion, the megatrend for 2022 is clearly home fitness. But it must also be said that this is mainly due to the pandemic. It wasn’t like people were like, ‘Well, I’m going to log out of my gym and just do my exercises in the living room.’ Instead, the movement arose more from an emergency. However, there are also some trends that have been around for years and have only been reinforced by Corona.”

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what would?
“These are, for example, digital fitness, the use of apps, but also virtual fitness, such as interactive or animated fitness programs. I am pretty sure that these trends will be at the top again in 2022. Another such example is social aptitude, that is, aptitude in interacting with others. I am not a psychologist or a sociologist, but I can well imagine that many people seek more contact with friends, acquaintances and family, especially after a somewhat isolated time. This can happen both in the gym and in outdoor sports groups. In theory, anyone could do their own push-ups, but apparently people prefer doing it with other people right now.”

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Inside is who is outside

Is outdoor training also a trend?
“Definitive. There is a huge expectation about outdoor training, something I am very supportive of. Here, too, the pandemic is, of course, a catalyst again, but we have been able to observe a continuous increase in this trend for five to ten years. The big players on the market are, for example, the providers “Original Bootcamp” or “Outdoor Gym”, which have set this trend even further.In the meantime, however, many personal trainers or fitness studios have also moved on and have moved their businesses outdoors without further ado.”

Is there a tendency for people to try other sports besides the classic physical training or the tried and tested round of jogging?
“I have that impression, yes. “Urban Sports Club”, for example, has grown enormously by offering various sports. But there has also been an increase in demand for apps like “Freeletics”, which provide the end customer with a kind of mini-guide or substitute coach. In my opinion, this is because the tendency to try new things fits perfectly with our zeitgeist.Modern, urban people, in particular, are often looking for new stimuli and challenges.”

Mindfulness, meditation and resilience are increasingly important

What role will the connection between physical and mental health play in 2022?
“A very big one. Keywords such as resilience, mindfulness, stress management or wellness are currently used frequently. Some sports are predestined for this, such as yoga, tai chi, autogenic training or meditation. Many fitness providers they have now discovered this for themselves and are integrating it into their offerings. These courses have been used very well for years, so they did not come about with the pandemic. Of course, the crisis of meaning caused by Corona fuels the need even more.” .

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How do you assess the development of the trend of the “quantified self”, that is, the close monitoring of health and fitness data?
“I see this trend in two ways. For one thing, for many people it’s not a bad thing at first when hard data shows them they’re not getting enough exercise or far exceeding their caloric needs. Therefore, fitness trackers can be quite useful as a wake-up call. On the other hand, this ‘follow-up rage’ also has its drawbacks. If you’re constantly tracking all your health and movement data, that can put a lot of pressure on you.”

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What our expert expects in the fitness year 2022

What wishes do you have for the development of fitness trends in 2022?
“There are two things that I would really like to see in the fitness trends of 2022. The first is clearly strength training for seniors. This is of enormous importance to maintain health and independence in old age. Therefore, I would like to see more special offers on the market for older and very old people, who are instructed by well-trained trainers. The same applies to children, by the way. Your sports activities do not necessarily have to be limited to the soccer field or the handball field. Children can also go to the gym and do strength exercises under good supervision or in guided children’s courses.

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And what else?
“My second wish is that more attention be paid to supplier quality in the future. When choosing our gym, we shouldn’t be blinded by a fancy interior, but rather look at how well trained the trainers are.”

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