Garmin vivosmart 5: This fitness tracker automatically calls for help in an emergency


The Garmin vivosmart 5 doesn’t just count steps and measure your heart rate. In an emergency, the fitness tracker can also call for help independently and become a lifesaver.

The Garmin vivosmart 5 can't just help with yoga.

The Garmin vivosmart 5 can’t just help with yoga. (Source: Garmin)

  • With the vivosmart 5, Garmin introduces a new fitness tracker.
  • Compared to vivosmart 4, it offers new emergency features and larger screen.
  • It is already available in stores for about 150 euros.

Fitness trackers are designed to encourage you to lead a more active lifestyle, but what if something goes wrong while you’re running? The Apple Watch, for example, offers fall detection and can automatically call for help if the worst happens. In any case, fitness trackers only offer the option to manually send an SOS. Exception: the new Garmin vivosmart 5.

According to the manufacturer, for selected outdoor activities, the tracker can automatically send a message that includes the location to previously defined contacts in the event of an accident. Of course, you can also send an SOS manually by pressing a button. However, both require a paired and portable mobile phone. Because the Garmin vivosmart 5 has no GPS or mobile phone connection and therefore has to “borrow” it from your smartphone.

The tracker can be linked through Garmin Connect to both an iPhone and an Android cell phone. It is operated via a button or the OLED touch screen. In these you can also read fitness data such as heart rate, SpO2 and the steps taken or incoming notifications on the mobile. According to the manufacturer, this should be much easier thanks to the approximately 66 percent larger screen compared to the predecessor.

This is how the tracker compares

With the vivosmart 5 you can track almost all data relevant to your health. In addition to the steps, the pulse and the SpO2 value, it also includes your stress level, water consumption or your sleeping habits. Additionally, the tracker offers training profiles for ten sports, from jogging to yoga. It should work up to 7 days on one battery charge.

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We already liked the predecessor vivosmart 4 in the test, especially the data depth of the tracker. Thanks to the bigger screen, the Vivosmart 5 is likely to perform a bit better in the next test. Compared to our current test winner, the Fitbit Charge 5, the tracker lacks a few features. In addition to the already mentioned GPS, there is the possibility to count floors or pay with the fitness bracelet. Interestingly, the predecessor offered at least one floor counter.

Price and availability

The Garmin vivosmart 5 is already available in stores, for example on Amazon.

in Amazon Buy Garmin vivosmart 5*


The recommended retail price for the tracker is 149.99 euros. This makes it one of the most expensive models in this segment.

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