Get moving and actively improve your health with the ‘Fitmach-Aktion’ in Saarland

The Saarland Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the German University for Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) as project manager and the Saarland Health and Prevention Association (PuGiS e.V.) as partner of the project, launched the “Fitmach: fit & healthy in the Saarland” campaign. . With the help of the network of fitness and health studios in the region, this pilot project from Saarland aims to motivate people to exercise regularly and to excite them in the long term. More than 60 studios are already participating in the campaign.

'Fitmach-Aktion' aims to encourage people to exercise again after confinement

Due to corona related locks many had to for months in his training in health and fitness facilities dispense. People who were already inactive lost all motivation for physical activity.

The result: increased lack of exercise in the German population. The organizers want to counteract this negative trend with the model project “Fitmach Campaign: fit and healthy in Saarland”.

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Lack of exercise: the underestimated danger

The negative consequences that these new challengeshow the fear of being infected with Corona, the fear of existence, the concern for family and friends, as well as social isolation and the simultaneous lack of compensation through physical training were examined by the DHfPG experts in big three studios (Kobel, 2021).

The result: So much that both physical and psychological well-being suffered significantly under the closures and therefore under the lack of training in the studios.

Many studies have already positive effects of regular physical training on health tried. The results of the DHfPG study clear out however, in addition, the central contribution fitness and health studies make.

Only 13.1 percent of the inhabitants of the Saarland are members of the study.

The systems have adequate Portfolio of services and qualified employeesin order to offer personalized strength and endurance training that optimal health benefits has for the people.

However, in Saarland, for example, only 13.1 percent, or about 129,000 people, are members, although on average 12.4 installations per 100,000 inhabitants come – at the national level there are even only 11.4 systems (DSSV, 2022).

For healthy training behavior

The DHfPG, the Saarland Ministry of Health and the PuGiS association, in cooperation with the Saarland statutory health insurance companies and the local fitness and health studios, have launched the “Fitmach Campaign: Fit & Healthy in Saarland” to lack of exercise in the population counter and the Access to regular physical training with consequent health benefits let.

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The aim is to document and analyze the extent to which the subjects were able to integrate regular training into their daily lives during the project period and beyond.

East model project if he cornerstone sleep with it People with one so far missing or insufficient movement behavior integrate the training into their daily life in the long term and such make an active contribution to your health.

Training according to WHO recommendations

As part of the model project “Fitness campaign: fit and healthy in Saarland”. 1,000 subjectswho does not little or irregularly active in sports are, at a local gym or health studio of your choice eight-week personalized training program complete the evidence-based movement recommendations complies with the World Health Organization (WHO).

That will be before the start. current training and movement behavior detected. Later middle and end of eight weeks and some time after project completion, on-site fitness professionals use to document questionnaireshow often subjects have completed and continue to complete training and how physical and mental well-being are.

the Results will be anonymized collected, evaluated and in the form of Results report published. For the eight week training phase period all subjects are trained for free in the studios

The model project started with the launch event

At the beginning of April 2022, the DHfPG took place at the headquarters in Saarbrücken Launch event of the “fitness campaign: fit and healthy in Saarland” instead of. The event was attended by numerous representatives from the Ministry of Health, statutory health insurance companies, the health and fitness industry, the media landscape and experts from the DHfPG.

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At this point they were 25 registered health and fitness facilities. During and after the event, the campaign was so well received that it has already more than 60 companies, i.e. about half of all plants in Saarlandtake part.

He too official promotion of the campaignwhich began on the night of the event, aroused enormous interest among the population, so that a large number of registered subjects and many have already started training.

The partners

The Saarland Ministry of Health, the DHfPG, the PuGiS association and the statutory health insurance companies and the Saarland health and fitness facilities have for the first time been successful with the “Fitmach campaign”. merge into a project. The DSSV e. V.- The German employers of fitness and health centers supports the model project.

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To this great partnership and cooperation everyone involved should be very proud by now. And with the great commitment of all, the sarreños can succeed Access to regular physical training. and associated health benefits let and you be excited about it long term.

National project “fit and healthy in Germany” in planning

The initiators are planning this action. throughout the federal territory under the motto “fit and healthy in Germany” expand and present it to politicians and health insurance companies.

Contact by email or phone

Saar Studies may Further away By email Check in. Project partners are available for questions at the following phone number: +49 681 6855 457.

Additional Information for the model project can be found here (alternatively you can just click on the image below).


Kobel, S. (2021). Impact of the Corona crisis on training behavior. Accessed on 02/02/2022.
DSSV e. V.- Association of Employers of German Fitness and Health Facilities (ed.). (2022). Key facts from the German fitness industry in 2022. Hamburg: Ed.


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