Gyms charge more money for energy bills – reader

In Vienna’s Leopoldstadt, a text message on a cell phone caused one “This day”– Readers for vertebrae. Now she would have to pay the electricity costs for her gym.

“This day”-Reporter reader Marcel* (Name changed by publishers) found it difficult to digest what he read in a message from his gym in the 2nd district of Vienna earlier in the week, because: The SMS referred him to a link from the gym, which shows that he is responsible. for the energy costs of the studio he must pay 30 euros.

Reader: “Pretty cheeky!”

A link takes you to the website of the Cleverfit study, which describes how energy costs have increased by 600. That’s why you have to calculate 29.90 euros as a flat rate for energy costs. This will be deducted from October 1, unless you open another window on the link that leads to an online form. On this, the client announces that he does not want to support the gym with the energy mission.

They are training to make “fair and cheap contributions”, but for reader Marcel this act of the owner is clearly foul play: “I think it is very cheeky to raise money in this way. If you do not visit the website and do not fill out the form , so he has to pay automatically whether he wants to or not,” Marcel suspected in an interview with editors.

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Fitness costs have increased many times

At the request of “This day” the management of the Cleverfit location in Vienna’s Leopoldstadt was able to confirm the electronic flat rate. This is necessary because “we have decided not to increase the price of our membership fees.” Therefore, customers must now support the fitness group with 30 euros.

“Since the beginning of 2022, we have constantly faced price increases. In addition to energy, this also includes various suppliers, owners, operating costs and also interest. Energy costs, of course, have increased the most. In On average, we now pay €5,000 for electricity instead of €1,000 – €2,000 a month and club – €13,000 a month,” said a management spokeswoman.

Energy flat rate as “voluntary service”

But do all fitness clients have to pay? “Nobody is forced to do it. We understand the flat rate of the cost of energy as a purely voluntary service. All affected members were informed of this both by email and SMS. If someone doesn’t want to pay it, the member can unsubscribe using the online form,” says the fitness spokeswoman.

Even if a member does not complete the form, the training study does not automatically take it as consent. “The flat rate for the cost of energy can be claimed at any time without expiration. The reimbursement occurs either as a credit note or as a remittance. This also with the knowledge that no one can estimate what will happen to us in the coming months, ”he summarized. fitness management.

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A total of 32 studios in Austria were affected

A total of 32 Cleverfit locations throughout Austria collect the energy contribution. “But without exception, all locations are affected by price increases,” he says. The management has absolute sympathy for customers who are angry or confused by SMS, but after Corona “we lost 40 of our customer base anyway, because many unsubscribed, but no one came because of the restrictions.” Now fitness operators have to navigate their way through the next crisis…

He already spoke at the beginning of September “This day” with that of price increases:

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