Has Everjump reinvented the fitness jump rope?

By Sebastian Priggemeier

Jumping rope is an absolute calorie killer, which has now been scientifically proven. Some experts even claim that 10 minutes of jumping rope is as effective as 30 minutes of jogging. The fact is: Ultimately, calorie consumption depends on the intensity of training and individual factors, but you can go through the fast jump in just 10 minutes. up to 200 calories Whistle. A strong value. So it pays to swing the rope regularly. Better with a modern fitness jump rope. Berlin startup Everjump has taken the evolution of the jump rope one step further, with a jump rope that builds muscles. We tested the training tool.

What is so special about the Everjump jump rope?

The first look at the product makes it clear: the Everjump rope no longer has much in common with the classic hemp rope for the schoolyard. The handles are ergonomically designed, have a non-slip surface and ball bearings so the rope turns smoothly. Will the founders of Everjump sign up for the VOX show “Die Höhle der Löwen”?

Everjump Rope Highlights: With a special clip system, it can be changed in a few simple steps, for a lighter or heavier rope.

  • The Everjump team developed six ropes weighing between 65 grams and 810 grams.
  • In addition, a training app and a special fitness mat as a basis for training.

The prices are a bit steep, because the cheapest Everjump currently costs €59.99 (speed set) on Amazon, the starter set €79. But there is also a complete package that includes an application and a mat for 349 euros. For comparison: a normal fitness rope* is available from 10 euros.

What does the Everjump training provide?

Until now, jumping rope (or “jumping rope” as it’s known today) was more of a cardio sport that primarily boosted endurance and fat burning, or a warm-up method for boxers and bodybuilders. Muscular development in the upper body should also be possible through the use of weighted ropes.

The advantages of jump rope training at a glance:

  • Positive effect on the cardiovascular system. That means: stamina improves and we don’t run out of breath as quickly.
  • Fat burning is enhanced.
  • Trained muscles:
    – legs and buttocks allow jumping,
    – arms, shoulders and upper back keep the rope moving,
    – The abdominal and back muscles provide stability, with special cross-arm movements the chest is also trained.

Unboxing: First Impression of the Everjump Jump Rope Set

Everjump Jump Rope Set

The Everjump jump rope set includes ropes with different weights

© RTL/Priggemeier

What package! If you also order the Everjump Pro+* fitness mat for 119 euros, you will start sweating even before you have jumped the first rope. The mat alone (dimensions: 150 x 95 x 1.3 cm) weighs 3.2 kilograms and the box is also a decent fighting weight. When everything has been put into the apartment, the great unpacking begins, and the amazement.

The so-called shape set includes six ropes in different colors and weight classes, as well as the two handles that look like nunchucks from specialty samurai supply stores.

Everything is perfectly packed and fixed with special flanges. That makes a very good first impression. The strings feel premium, as do the handles, which are comfortable to hold.


Instructions are included, however they do not explain how the clip system works to change strings. we would have one for that step by step instructions desired, which we then found on Youtube. The clip feature isn’t necessarily self-explanatory, even if it’s cleverly simple and works reliably.

Step 1: Take the hand piece and hold the metal head. Pull the metal cylinder down to reveal the eyelet for the rope.

Step 2: Each end of the rope has a metal end that fits into the eyelet. Simply click into place, push the handle barrel up again, and you’re good to go.

Everjump clip system

Snap on, slide up, done – the Everjump clip system is simple and holds securely

© RTL/Priggemeier

Test: How does it feel to jump with Everjump?

Ever Jump Training

Everjump training with heavy ropes can make beginners sweat, but there is also a risk of bruising.

© RTL/Priggemeier

The Everjump app has hundreds of fitness exercises that work with and without a rope. To become familiar with the rope, beginners should practice without the app. The only question is: where?

In the city apartment that is Everjump Jump Rope not recommended, unless you want to specifically annoy the neighbors. Especially the neighbors who live below you, because the jump rope makes a lot of noise with each contact with the ground, in addition to the (even louder) jumping noises of the person exercising. Plus, you need a decent radius of action so the swinging rope doesn’t crush your partner’s expensive OLED TV or favorite vase.

Better outside, with the 3 kg mat and several ropes to change under the arm, handles in the pocket. A quiet training corner with a solid surface and plenty of outside space is also recommended, because otherwise the residents will complain.

The training itself is pleasantly strenuous.
With the light ropes, even beginners can quickly get started with the Everjump training. The rope change works in 20 to 30 seconds, which is pleasantly fast, but probably too slow for interval training with very short rests. If you want to use the muscle building effect, you should train with heavy ropes and do crossovers (more for advanced users).

  • Up to 225 grams of rope, jumping rope feels normal.
  • From the 500 gram rope, the training becomes demanding for the arms because the swing requires significantly more strength
  • It takes a while to get used to the 810 gram rope. Why? Jumping with it is like hitting yourself with a shower hose because the diameter of the rope is so large.

Conclusion: Who is the Everjump jump rope suitable for?

Beginners run the risk of getting bruised on heavy ropes (500 and 810 g) because the rope often catches on the foot when the jumping technique is not yet perfect. Therefore, the starter set with a 125 gram rope is ideal for beginners.

Advanced users are well catered for with a choice of 3-5 strings, depending on how often they train and how important variety is to them. Trained strength athletes or gym goers won’t build mountains of muscle with Everjump ropes, but the tool is great for a demanding warm-up or on-the-go training (especially with the app, which offers endless workout ideas).

The bottom line is that Everjump is not a fitness revolution, but it is a sensible evolution of the jump rope.

*We use affiliate links in this post. If you purchase a product through these links, we receive a commission from the seller. There are no additional costs to you. Where and when to buy a product is of course up to you.


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