Health promotion company at FITNESS BRAMMER

The new gym in Glinde, FITNESS BRAMMER, doesn’t just offer fitness for individuals. Also companies and their employees you can benefit from the wide range of fitness options and the special gym concept. You will find the gym in Glinde, near Oststeinbek and Willinghusen.

Why health promotion at work?

There are many good reasons for health care at work. If you as an employer decide to sponsor physical training for your employees in Barsbüttel, you can count on some positive effects.

Exercising a lot ensures a stronger immune system, that is, yours Employees get sick less often. This means you spend less time on your projects and save money at the same time. Did you know that around €1,200 per year per employee is wasted due to sick days? Of course, exercise also strengthens the muscles, for example Prevent complaints due to poor posture may.

However, company sport is not only useful for office workers: employees in transport companies, on construction sites or in other areas that have to do a lot of physical activity in their work also benefit from regular sport. For example, a well-designed training plan can unilateral load on the balanced body will be. Correct posture and knowing how to use your muscles gently can save everyone from discomfort!

Regular exercise affects not only the body, but it also has a positive effect on the psyche. This is particularly important today, as mental illnesses such as burnout and depression are becoming more common. Healthy and fit people tend to be happier, more motivated, and more productive, which of course is also a big plus for work. In addition: Through the advantages you offer your employees in the private sector, Strengthen the good bond between you and your employees in the long term! Every time your employees train at FITNESS BRAMMER, they are reminded that you make this training possible for them; this motivates and ensures that your employees enjoy working for you and want to stay with you for a long time. Of course, offering company health care is also a great deal for new applicants who more attractive as an employer – so you can get more requests from qualified professionals.

You have these advantages in FITNESS BRAMMER


FITNESS BRAMMER has a License to offer occupational healthpromotion. This license is necessary for the services you provide to your employees to improve general health and promote health in the workplace to be recognized for tax purposes. This means that if you choose FITNESS BRAMMER for occupational health care, you can deduct the costs from your taxes! The legal basis for this is §3 EStG (with reference to §§20 and 20a SGB V). But don’t worry, FITNESS BRAMMER will provide you with the information and documents you need for the tax assessor and the tax office. So you have hardly any effort.

Special concept: accompaniment of trainers and physiotherapists

Physical training at FITNESS BRAMMER is not only provided by physical trainers, but also by physiotherapists accompanied. Also, fitness trainers are specially trained. This gives your employees some benefits that they may not expect from traditional gyms.

Trainers and physical therapists are particularly familiar with human anatomy, muscles and movement sequences. Therefore, you know the best exercises for one. effective but gentle training and always make sure that these exercises are performed correctly. The correct execution of the exercises is extremely important to avoid training-related complaints and injuries. In addition, the muscles are optimally stimulated as a result better and faster training results Guides.

However, if a movement during training feels strange or even painful, your employees can immediately consult one of the physical therapists: the physical therapy practice is in the same building.

Ideally, your employees should exercise 2-3 times a week; Regular exercise is important for long-term health and fitness. There should always be at least one day of rest between training days so that the muscles can regenerate.

Training plans, fitness checks and back courses included.

At FITNESS BRAMMER near Stemwarde, your employees can not only train, but also lots of great extras offered, which are included in occupational health care.

Before your employees begin training for the first time, a extensive input control accomplished. In this, some factors are checked, such as the current fitness level. Among other things, this incoming check also includes a Analytical balances and column scanner unfolded In addition, your employees will be informed about their fitness goals, possible physical limitations and daily work stress (for example, bad back posture, sitting a lot, lifting heavy objects, etc.). Based on this data, an individual training plan is created that is perfectly tailored to your individual employees. Training plans are underway regular fitness checks updated over and over again, so they can be adjusted as your employees progress.

Once a year, there is a special back course that your employees can attend to ensure correct posture and avoid back pain and other postural problems.

A safe hygiene concept

So that your employees also feel safe when it comes to hygiene and virus protection at FITNESS BRAMMER near Schönningstedt and Oststeinbek, in the rooms. modern aerosol filters so that the air is always clean and fresh. In addition, sports equipment on contact surfaces with a self-cleaning foil glued Devices are always clean and disinfected.

Do you still have questions about health promotion in the workplace or other aspects? You will arrive at FITNESS BRAMMER by phone: 040 711 426 50 either by email: [email protected]. We also invite you to visit the gym’s website:

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