Healthy sleeping position: never lie on your stomach

Did you know that we change our sleeping position about twenty times during the night? This is because we don’t put too much pressure on each part of the body when rolling. This is particularly important to ensure that our spine heals and has enough time to regenerate. For this reason alone, it is extremely important healthy sleeping position find. We have investigated which one is best for you in this article.

These healthy sleeping positions promise optimal relaxation.

Each sleeping position has advantages and disadvantages.who decide on the quality of sleep and health. We’ll show you which sleeping position is the healthiest and best for you.

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Very few people sleep on their backs. (Photo: LaylaBird/istock)

1. Back position: The “best”

In the position of the king, everyone automatically thinks of cucumber or sleeping masks, how unrealistic. Mainly because very few people sleep on their backs. It’s a shame, because the supine position is considered the healthiest position for sleeping. It better relieves the neck and back, straightens the spine and is especially good for those who suffer from tension.

A little hint: The spine is also relieved if the pillow is not under the head but under the knees.

You should avoid this if you snore frequently.. If the tongue slides back, this also narrows the airway. In critical cases, this can sometimes lead to dropouts.

Somnophilia woman sleeping in bed
Most people prefer to sleep on their side. (Photo: istock/g-stockstudio)

2. Lateral position: To breathe freely

The lateral position is the most popular sleeping position. Almost 70% prefer to fall asleep like this. A pillow is even more important here, as the head is only properly supported when the space between the shoulder and the neck is full. That the back and neck are protected depends on the mattress. This is not the case on a sunken surface.

However, the lateral position has some other disadvantages. The smallest is that the face is pressed against the pillow on one side. As a result, some wrinkles over time, which leads to a slight wrinkles can drive. Also, in the fetal position, that is, very tight and curled up, the spine is compressed, the knees are drawn together, and the hips are not straight. All of this can lead to long-term pain.. Here, too, a pillow on the knees, more precisely between the knees, is a relief.

3rd and 4th Right or left side?

By the way, it makes a big difference whether you sleep on the right or left side. Sleeping on the right side impairs the stomach, pancreas, and even the pumping function of the heart.. On the other hand, sleeping on the left side supports the lymphatic system, which is important for transporting important nutrients and filtering waste products. Pregnant women also relieve veins and reduce pressure on the abdominal organs. If you sleep on your side, then better on the left side..

Why naps can be dangerous
People who sleep on their stomachs are the ones that harm their health the most. (Photo: Shutterstock/silverkblackstock)

5. Stomach Position: The Unhealthiest Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your stomach puts a lot of pressure on your body. the neck twists The neck and cervical spine are tense. and the sleeping position goes against the natural S-shape of the spine. All this can at least improve a little with a flat pillow.

However, the prone position has an advantage: Breath flows more freely, which is especially good for snorers.

Healthy sleeping position: these things are also important

A large bed, the right mattress and a quiet environment are also very important for restful sleep. Expert sleepers can go one step further and ensure that the Temperature between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius lies and the Humidity between 40 and 60%. Since the humidity will rise overnight anyway, you should start with low percentages.

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